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Democrats excoriated Sarah Palin as did some Republicans once upon a time for warning Obmacare would produce “death panels.” That is, government bureaucrats making decisions based on charts and graphs and demographic actuarial tables as to who deserved life saving treatments, procedures, etc. and who should just go home and wait for their time to run out.  The doctor/patient relationship would no longer be stronger than the government/doctor relationship. 


Turns out that  “fear monger” was prescient.

We can only assume the White House was livid when the Supreme Court of the United States destroyed their authoritarian attempt to circumvent Congress and the Constitution by using the Labor Department and OSHA to force Americans to get a shot they may or may not want in order to continue to earn a living from their employer. 

The incalculable damage Biden’s White House did to the private sector and to the lives of millions of Americans still hasn’t been fully understood.  At this hour there are those who’ve taken new jobs or are still sitting out of work because the job they left was about to force them to take a shot they didn’t want to take.  By the time the court ruled, the pressure on millions of Americans had already taken effect.

Biden admits as much.  Just as he did when he unconstitutionally attempted to force private landlords to continue rent forbearance for tenants who couldn’t or wouldn’t pay using COVID as the excuse.  Biden was asked at the time whether or not he had the legal authority to do it.  He honestly answered he knew it wasn’t legal to make such an order, but he hoped the legal fight would run out the clock and buy a few more weeks for people who didn’t intend to pay rent.  Landlords were callously gouged until the courts stopped their bleeding.


Similarly, Biden knew it didn’t pass constitutional muster to issue a government decree that private sector employees take a shot as a condition of employment, but he figured he’d scare enough people into complying before the court pumped the breaks months later.  Millions complied in fear of losing their livelihoods or they simply quit their jobs.  Some of many years and valuable to their professions and organizations had no choice but to stand for themselves and walk away disrupting an already volatile private sector.      

Biden has said repeatedly he’s “losing his patience” with people who won’t take the medicine he demands they take. He continues to suggest the virus spreads and exists two years later only because of the “unvaccinated.” 

It’s cruel.  It’s sinister.  It’s dishonest.  But it’s not as low as he’s willing to sink. 

The Biden White House is clearly agitated Americans are figuring out they don’t have to die simply because they catch COVID.  American’s are also figuring out the COVID shots aren’t vaccines, they’re shots.   Just as it’s not a flu vaccine, but a flu shot. 

It’s wholly up to you and your doctor as to the risk / reward of a COVID shot.  But for those of us who’ve chosen to hold off, we learned COVID could be managed just fine without the emergency use shot.  We’ve learned natural immunity after catching COVID is powerful.  The CDC even says natural immunity is more powerful than a shot alone.  We’ve learned the shot isn’t keeping people from catching or spreading the virus anyway.  In fact, there is robust concern the booster is exacerbating the Omicron variant of COVID.  For the already hesitant, this hasn’t made us want to run out and grab a needle.


What’s been reassuring is the discovery of therapeutics gaining a lot of traction courtesy of people like Joe Rogan, Rand Paul, Ron DeSantis and even talk show hosts like me who’ve personally benefitted from game-changing monoclonal antibody treatment.  Ivermectin is another very popular, proven-to-work anti-viral drug many doctors had been willing to give to their COVID patients before government and media establishment ridiculed it as “horse medicine.”

In 2020, I personally interviewed the sainted Dr. Fauci and asked him about Hydroxychloroquine.  I very specifically asked him to pretend he was my personal doctor and in that capacity would he proscribe the drug to me.  “Of course,” he exclaimed.  He went on to explain how doctors routinely use medicine in “off label” ways – meaning not for their originally intended use.  He embraced the concept of the right to try treatments particularly when things looked grim.

How things have changed two years later as the FDA and White House declared this week two prominent and wildly successful monoclonal antibody therapies would be pulled from the market and their use forbidden by doctors.  The reason? “Scientists” say they no longer work on combating the Omicron strain for the virus that “scientists” say is now 99% of COVID cases left in the country.   Also, “scientists” say there are side effects to monoclonal use.


Who are these “scientists?” How do these “scientists” know any of this?  Answer: We don’t know and neither do “they.”  As of this writing, there is little to no evidence of side effects, massive ineffectiveness, or how “they” measure only Omicron remains the single COVID strain making Americans ill.  It’s also very hard to take government “scientists” seriously during a pandemic in which our southern border is wide open and illegal migrants are being shipped all over the country by the hundreds of thousands without any equivalent health mandates and restrictions assigned to them.  

Taking away therapeutics is yet another cruel, authoritarian move by an administration hell-bent on forcing every American man, woman, and child to take a shot they demand we take as our only option.  It’s flexing.  It’s control.  Nothing more.  They couldn’t threaten the landlords.  They couldn’t threaten your job.  So now they’ll threaten your very health.  

“Do what we say or physically suffer.”  If it means you die for not complying with the government, so be it.  That sounds an awful lot like that crazy “death panel lady” mentioned earlier, doesn’t it? 

You can’t get much lower. 


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