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Rassmussen’s most recent tracking poll of likely voters offers some very bad news for the “most popular man ever elected president in the history of mankind.” It’s taken eight short months for his supposed Mt. Rushmore status to come hurling back to Earth.  As it turns out, it’s not even Republicans and Independents he has to worry about.  It’s his voters in his own party turning their backs, too.  


Biden is down to 42% approval with all likely voters. A recent USA Today-Suffolk University poll has VP Harris at 35% approval, 54% disapproval. Rasmussen reports 32% of Democrats say Biden should resign now. 40% say Biden deserves to be impeached. 33% say Kamala Harris isn’t qualified to be President. Even family friend Megan McCain tweeted “I do not recognize this man. God help our country. God help the Americans we have abandoned.” 

Yes, it’s a five ice cream cone disaster.  Which explains the bizarre screaming speech delivered Tuesday from the White House declaring his “successful” exit from Afghanistan. Of course after screaming how successful he was, he went on to say he had to do what he did because the former guy he’s spent the last eight months erasing at every turn rendered him powerless to change course.

He blamed the Afghanistan forces he claimed would maintain security if we withdrew, only to be “surprised” at their total collapse instantaneously.  Twenty-four hours later we would learn through a leaked phone call Biden knew no such security would hold but he begged them to fake it anyway.  

Biden blamed stupid Americans who stupidly ignored his “constant and early” warnings to begin getting out of Afghanistan months ago. Of course the problem with that story line is he’d just publicly shared with the world that he was confident Afghanistan would hold down its own security needs and there would be no roof-top rescues from the embassy. 


He screamed at us to somberly pray for the thirteen lost military personnel killed by suicide bombers outside the gates of the Kabul airfield.  But he reminded us he always knew the risk and the danger and there was no way to avoid it.  Even though every expert I’ve interviewed said not giving up the heavily fortified Bagram Air Base would have been preferable to Kabul airport for evacuations and would have avoided this entire calamity.

The Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs Chairman proclaimed a day later just as Franklin Delano Biden screamed at us they’d successfully concluded “the largest air evacuation of civilians in American History.” It was heroic. It was historic,” stated Secretary Austin.  

But Americans see through this. For starters there shouldn’t have been a need for air evacuations if he first conducted an ongoing, orderly exit of all allies and Americans before withdrawing our military presence. Said another way, would Biden send his own Secret Service detail home for the night while he and Dr. Jill catch an Uber back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  Why did he think that would work in Afghanistan?

Also, let’s drop “successful air evacuation” as some kind of metric. They only did what Southwest Airlines does everyday. Biden oversaw a taxpayer-funded airline. It’s not like he was constructing Mulberry harbors on D-Day out of desperate necessity. Any duress otherwise run-of-the-mill air traffic experienced was self-inflicted.  


Americans also want to know why billions of military grade weaponry, vehicles, and equipment was left abandoned to fall into the hands of everyone from ISIS, to Iran, to China and Russia and all of the above. Not to mention the military dogs and yes, the still unknown number of American citizens left stranded despite the constant lie anyone who wasn’t evacuated simply wanted to hang around to see the Taliban late show.  

This screaming, hours-late presentation by our pretend Commander-In-Chief was the last gasp of a man blaming everyone but himself for a debacle too great to gaslight, even for Democrats. Agencies are turning on one another. The Pentagon points to State. State points to our intelligence agencies. All of them deflecting Biden’s blame away or back at him. Major network war correspondents like Fox’s Jennifer Griffin, NBC’s Richard Engle, CNN’s Clarissa Ward, and ABC’s Martha Raditz – all likely Biden voters – couldn’t ignore the broken promises, lives lost and left behind, and outright lies.  

This speech wasn’t meant for most of us. This speech was for blue-check Twitter lefties - the last of the loyal.  Biden was like an actor who had to desperately try to save a bad movie script, doing his feeble best to project strength and certainty by yelling awkwardly. Celebrating his success while blaming the many obvious failures we all saw on anyone and everyone else.  


It was disjointed.  It was embarrassing.  It was a disaster.  It may well have been the beginning of a political end.  At least it should be. One guy on Twitter liked it, though.  Rob Reiner declared, “What a pleasure to see a real president talk honestly and be straightforward with us. So happy to know our country is in the hands of an adult.”

So rest easy, Joe. Ignore those polls. You did great. “Meathead” approves.  

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