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President Roadrunner Versus Media Coyote

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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

I’ve gotten out of the prediction business when it comes to American politics. Primarily because I no longer trust the information on which I used to rely to make predictions. Mainstream American news media continues their Wile E. Coyote routine with President Trump. And just like the cartoon, you quickly figure out after a couple of episodes they’re never going to catch Trump’s roadrunner.


This week’s episode featured Media Coyote telling us President Roadrunner has lost his magic in North Carolina and in no way would Dan Bishop be able to pull off a victory in the state’s 9th Congressional District because of the roadrunner’s unpopularity.

KABOOM! Another prediction blows up in Media Coyote’s face as Bishop wins Tuesday night. Hilariously, after spending weeks telling us Bishop was down double digits and how Republicans were “scrambling” to protect the seat – Media Coyote plunged to the bottom of the ravine.

The only difference between the media and the cartoon is the coyote never makes excuses or tries to spin why he was left covered in soot or flattened after hitting the side of a gorge. He just concocts a new strategy.

Media Coyote spent all day Wednesday explaining North Carolina's 9th Congressional District should serve as a real wake up call to Republicans. EVEN THOUGH THEY WON!  They claim it should never have been close, therefore that big blue wave is still looming and will one day crash ashore.

It’s the exact opposite. If the truth was accurately told about North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District race, you’d realize it’s nothing short of a political miracle Dan Bishop won. And there’s no way around it – he did it with the help of President Trump, not in spite of him.


In November 2018, Republican Mark Harris beat his Democrat challenger Dan McCready for the seat. An election fraud scheme to rig the outcome in Harris’ favor was uncovered shortly after. Harris withdrew in the midst of the scandal. A new election was ordered. Democrat McCready stepped back in to try it again. Republican Dan Bishop stepped up to the plate on behalf of the GOP.

Think of this: McCready was already a very familiar name in the district. He’d been running a campaign for well over a year before Bishop got in. Bishop had mere months to raise money and his profile. Not only did McCready have him bested in both money and name I.D., outside Democratic money poured in. McCready’s campaign spent over $8 million!

Despite being outspent, despite media and polls declaring Bishop a double-digit long shot, Dan Bishop is one of two new Republican congressmen in North Carolina. Republican Greg Murphy beat his Democratic opponent by a whopping 24 points on Tuesday. 

How is that possible in the Trump era? The Washington Post just told us the day prior to this race that six in 10 Americans are certain a recession is coming in the next year. If that were true, why would anyone turn out to reward President Trump’s party in any state, never mind the increasingly purple state of North Carolina?

That slide whistle sound is an anvil falling as the media opens their tiny umbrella and holds up a sign reading “HELP.”


We’re also told Democrats are salivating for the chance to impeach President Trump and they have a laundry list of reasons to do so. It’s a steady drumbeat of collusion, bank records, Russia, and obstruction… It all sounds so bad! Democrats are so close, says the media.

Brace for another ACME-style KABOOM!

The truth is, President Trump knows impeachment isn’t anything to fear because he knows the country doesn’t broadly support it. It really only makes him stronger with his base while Democratic leadership is terrified to pull the trigger because they know it’s toxic and could cost them the House.

POLITICO was forced to admit this week  that“Democrats stumble on impeachment messaging.” But spinning ever-hopefully as only mainstream media can, they went on to explain the mixed messaging was actually a real benefit because it could give the moderate Democrats cover while the progressive Democrats can claim they still want Trump’s scalp and are fighting tirelessly until they get it.

Are you following this? The American public will supposedly reward a party that spent the entirety of their two years in power chasing their tail on impeachment as opposed to working on a single meaningful issue? They’ve attacked law enforcement, made anti-Semites and socialists their poster girls, and cheered illegal border crossings as their signature achievements.


Still, the media finds a way to tell us Donald Trump is the target of voters’ ire. The country can’t wait to punish him at the ballot box and reward the Democrats, they say. North Carolina should teach us all a lesson about their honesty and ability to report on the electorate accurately. But it won’t stop them.

They’ll be back at it tomorrow and throughout next year until Election Day. You can hear Media Coyote strapping on their rocket roller skates and affixing their goggles getting ready to nail President Roadrunner next time he speeds by.  

That’s when President Roadrunner will make a sudden stop in the road as Media Coyote speeds by, unable to stop before slamming into the oncoming truck of real voters next fall.  (Cue the chirping birds and stars)  

That’s all, folks!  


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