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I’ve heard all the arguments, some quite well crafted and compelling, that Kim Davis should just issue the darned marriage license. Either that or she should resign. After all, they say, it’s the law of the land. She is a public servant. She must comply with said law, if not, chaos ensues. Well, actually homosexual marriage is not the law of the land. The law of the land is the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which law, another public servant, Barack Obama, has willfully and publicly refused to defend, and an amendment to the Kentucky Constitution passed by 75% of Kentuckians. Justices do not make law. Beyond a couple of court rulings, there is nothing yet on the books that codifies same-sex marriage as law.


DOMA was the law of the land for sixteen years. And withstood two challenges in federal court before the Obama administration refused to defend it and it was ruled unconstitutional. Then, earlier this year, in a narrow 5-4 decision in what was the most convoluted, tortured, non-sensical, and 60’s psychedelic ruling in the history of American jurisprudence, the Supreme Court said Kentucky’s marriage amendment was unconstitutional. These dubious rulings are why Kim Davis sits in jail. Allow me to state it another way.

These court rulings have painted the nation into such a corner that the most imaginative solution that we can come up with in this case is for Kim Davis to surrender her first amendment right to practice her faith (and that means in all facets of her life not just privately) in favor of a twisted narrative of a court ruling that produced four of the most scathing dissents the Supreme Court has ever seen. So, we don’t have chaos now?

However, none of this represents my biggest reason for supporting Kim Davis in her stance. Allow me to pose a question. Do those who say Davis should resign, comply, or be jailed, really think that this ends with her? I ask this because many that have made that argument to me share my Christian faith. Once Kim Davis has succumbed to the death threats of the “tolerant” LBGT movement, the vicious personal attacks, the threats to burn down her home, and the power of the state, will everything suddenly be okay? Will we all be allowed to live in peace at that point? I think not. I think Kim Davis is just the latest in a line of victims of religious discrimination that now includes Christian florists, photographers, bakers and private chapel owners and an Indiana pizzeria owner who was just trying to provide for his family and mind his own business.


How much concession to the gay lobby is enough to satisfy them? After six thousand years of human history with one definition of marriage, the overturning of 41 state DOMA laws and the overturning of 30 state constitutional amendments, one would think this lobby would declare victory and move on. One would think that perhaps these couples could drive twenty minutes to another county clerk who didn’t have a religious objection and obtain their license there. But of course that can’t happen. So will they just keep coming? In a county as small as Rowan, was it a coincidence that more than one gay couple at the same time just had to have a marriage license from this particular county clerk or was she chosen because of her faith so that she could be made an example of, like the pizzeria owner and the florist?

Having made an example of Kim Davis, after re-educating her (to use an Orwellian term), who will be next? Perhaps a pastor, or a church. Perhaps you or I. On the day of the Supreme Court ruling against traditional marriage and religious freedom a quote I once memorized came to mind. It was spoken by Winston Churchill about a different type of repeated appeasement to another extreme left group but it seems pertinent here:

And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year, unless by a supreme recovery of moral health…, we arise and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.


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