Sarah's Heart. Our Party's Soul

Posted: Sep 04, 2008 11:17 AM
Sarah's Heart. Our Party's Soul

Who knew just a few months ago..hey - a few weeks...a few days ago? Like many have observed - the new Ronald Reagan is a woman! She is funny like he was, wise like he was. He was dismissed as an actor, and one pundit on cable yesterday dismissed her as a beauty queen. Reagan rode horses and Sarah hunts moose. A couple of his offspring had "personality issues" we never accepted, while her's have challenges we embrace. And like Reagan in his way - Sarah Palin's wisdom comes from a servant's heart.

It is so ironic now to think back about how everybody during the Republican primaries was trying to claim the mantle to be proclaimed the new Ronald Reagan. Those now seemingly long ago debates resembled those endless Hollywood remakes. You know those ones where you come out of the theatre and if you knew the original'd think to yourself, "Why didn't they just leave well enough alone?" So instead of seeing Reagan's classic film King's Row we were getting The Bowery Boys. Yet, one who was introduced by Reagan himself at a Conservative gathering long ago emerged the victor initially to the dismay of some of us. Yet then after Saddleback, Conservatives were uplifted when John McCain showed a decisiveness on those issues dear to our hearts with remarkable clarity. Still, we were all nervous about his choice of VP. Oh but...the best was yet to come!

And we who have longed for another time and feared our future have discovered God has had our backs all along as Sarah Palin strode onto the stage courtesy of John McCain. In the past few days, we were horrified as the left has tried to make her life they had for Reagan. But now with a few days of trial by fire and a dazzling convention speech she has burst upon the national scene!

So instead of those old films remade... we instead find that we are about to witness the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. While this candidate may have been too hot, and this candidate may have been too cold...this candidate was... and is just right. So is Sarah Palin the new Reagan? Is she the new Thatcher? Or is she simply the original Sarah Palin? All I know is that she is just right.

Who knew a few months ago that the Conservative movement isn't dead? Who knew it would be personified and heels! All I know is - that from heaven above - Bill Buckley,Barry Goldwater and the Gipper are indeed smiling from ear to ear. Margaret Thatcher's heart feels it too. God bless all their hearts for our past. God bless John McCain for our present and Sarah Palin for our future. God bless us and God bless America!

God has shown us that the old soldier of Conservatism has not faded away in the war for our country's soul. Meanwhile, his servant the old maverick has given us a new young maverick! And so we are all in for lot more than we bargained for and we are thrilled to pieces. And so unlike just a few months ago, we find that we are far from just settling, we now find that instead...perhaps Lady Liberty now has a human face, and yes a human family...and let us not forget...a servant's heart.