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Planned Parenthood (Hearts) Money

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Do you remember a few weeks ago when Planned Parenthood magnanimously offered to forego payment for its “donations” of baby body parts…you know, out of the goodness of its heart? Well, maybe its heart is still a few sizes too small, because the abortion giant is still profiting hand over fist from this arrangement.


Here’s one of the dirty little secrets of abortion dealers: When an abortion is over, the growing baby has not magically disappeared. There’s still a little boy or girl lying on a tray or in a machine. Abortion businesses know this. They employ “products of conception” (POC) workers, who count baby body parts to make sure they’re all out of their mothers.

In the most recent video that the Center for Medical Progress has released, one Planned Parenthood abortionist admitted that her POC worker is “really into” fetal organs, especially hearts, because they’re “cute” and “amazing.”

So what do abortionists do with their victims’ corpses? Like on a TV crime procedural, killers soon find out that the bodies are a real problem. Just ask abortion industry execs like Renee Chelian, who owns the Northland Family Planning chain of abortion clinics and confessed in a recent video that disposing of the bodies is “a PR nightmare for us. If we end up being the front page of the paper: ‘Fetuses Are Being Used for Energy.’ I mean, I think it’s a great idea . . . .”

Abortionists know the powder keg they’re sitting on. After a narrow escape in Michigan, Chelian worried, “We are all one...incineration company away from being closed. Whatever your laws are in your state, if the ‘antis’ [pro-life advocates] know, this could shut us down.... This is what can close the clinics down.”

There aren’t enough concrete blocks in the world for the 2,000 babies killed each day in the United States by abortion. So where are the bodies buried?

1. Many are fed down industrial garbage disposals and into our sewer system, but some babies are too big and strong for this method.


2. Many are cremated by businesses like Stericycle (which has a “don’t ask, don’t tell policy”), but clinics have to pay for this, and worse (for them), are often expected to pick up the ashes. Chelian recounts that one crematorium wanted to know “who was going to pick up the ashes. And I was like, ‘I dunno! Do I have to?’ . . . Which also made me really worried I was going to have to just open some room somewhere where I just had...bottles of ashes.” She considered buying her own incinerator, debating whether the size would allow for incineration of “one D&E [dilation and evacuation] or a whole jar of first-trimester patients,” before determining that it would not be feasible.

3. Some, like Kermit Gosnell’s victims, are pickled, jarred, and displayed as trophies.

4. And profit-hungry Planned Parenthood realizes that disposal of each aborted baby would cost $150. That’s far more than the cost to ship aborted babies to labs for “research,” even if they no longer get to double-dip into profit by getting paid for this cost savings. So Planned Parenthood boxes up babies and ships them off to become someone else’s “problem,” or to use Planned Parenthood’s euphemism, they “donate tissue for medical research…” out of the goodness of their hearts, of course. Yet even this method has its limitations. According to Chelian, “there’s not a research company who can take all our fetal tissue, because they don’t want it all.” Maybe that’s because “the success of fetal tissue transplants has been meager at best, and ethically-derived alternatives are coming to dominate the field.”


Sadly, these may be some of their more “humane” options. The conference room erupted in belly laughs when Chelian chortled, “We thought, we’ll give it [i.e., the aborted baby’s body] to everybody in a gift bag; they can take it home and figure out what to do with it. It’s their pregnancy, and why is this our problem? And I'm saying that in all seriousness.”

Another of her ideas: “I had 5 months’ worth of fetal tissue in my freezers.... I was ready to drive to upper Michigan and have a bonfire. And it was just trying to figure out, you know, how I wouldn’t get stopped, or, you know, how far into the woods would I have to go to have this fire that nobody was going to see me. I mean, it was the worst.”

An audience member jokes that “infant surrender” laws allow women to “leave live babies” at designated locations, “but you can’t come and leave” dead babies. Chelian added, “I want you to laugh about this. It’s funny. I mean, it’s funny in a really sick way.”

Maybe the hearts that really need testing belong to the abortionists.

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