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A Must-read For All Millennials (Or Everyone For That Matter)

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Now, before I get into this I just want you to know I had the honor of assisting and doing research for the book I’m about to talk about…I’m also mentioned in the acknowledgements, where I will gladly sign my name free of charge!


It’s found on page xi — that’s before page 1:

“Caleb, you are a great blessing to me. I’m proud to call you a friend and a colleague here at Fox News. But most importantly I’m honored to call you a brother in the Lord. Book signings aren’t the same unless someone asks, ‘Is Caleb here too?'”

A little background on myself: I grew up in one of the most conservative areas, Findlay, Ohio, on a few acres with horses, raised to love God, family, and country — and I now reside in Brooklyn, where I work at Fox News and attend Hillsong NYC.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get right to it!

Fellow millennials, if you’re looking for a book that will capture your attention and inspire you to make change, I’ve got the one for you.

Todd Starnes just released “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again,” and I’m glad I got to read it (a few times now), but I want to share why I think you should read it, too (especially if the title “triggers” you).

For those of you who don’t know Todd, he’s a Southerner harbored in New York City, and he has a funny way of describing the problems of our day with serious solutions that don’t begin at the White House, but at your place (and mine).

He compiles story after story that he’s been covering at Fox News, most of which the mainstream media would rather ignore. Just when you think it’s too dark and grim to move ahead, he shares ones that inspire real hope and light for our generation.


And yes, he calls himself an “irredeemable Deplorable,” as then-candidate Hillary Clinton dubbed half of Donald Trump’s supporters, but he says he’s “been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.”

I love how Todd shares his faith throughout — using movies, examples from Scripture, the Founding Fathers, and pastors and leaders of past and present.

Todd has a way of pointing out the absurdity of the Left today. I guess you have to when you’re a stranger in a foreign land — just picture the most Baptist, Republican happy soul you can. Now picture them living and working in Brooklyn, the headquarters for Clinton’s campaign and a hipster haven.

That’s how Todd is able to poke fun at liberals, hipsters — just about everyone — but most of all, himself.

He’s not an intellectual snob lecturing the Left or middle America on how we need to live our lives. No, he’s lived on both sides of the divide in this country, and “The Deplorables’ Guide…” is his way of restoring our country back to shining city on a hill that President Reagan spoke of.

His last book, “God Less America,” was a compilation of the war on traditional values, but this one doesn’t just lay out the problems, Todd gives actions you and I can take in our home and workplace to make our country better.

When you start reading the book, you’ll notice Todd has a way of writing that makes you want to turn off Netflix, grab a blanket, maybe make a quick run to Chick-fil-A, then binge-read (if that’s even a thing) the entire thing in one sitting.


If that’s how you read, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I would encourage you to go back to the “marching orders” at the end of of each chapter and apply them in your life on a consistent basis.

Todd gives a new perspective on our generation, one that he claims “might save America.”

I guarantee Todd will have you laughing, maybe even misty-eyed once or twice, but most of all so inspired and emboldened that you can’t help but make our country great again.

Enjoy, my fellow Deplorables, my fellow millennials, my fellow Americans.

Just like Todd says, “when we stand together, we can facilitate change.”

Put on your work clothes and grab a cup of coffee, we’ve got a country to save.

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