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If Trump is elected, for the first time since the 1990s, I will, again, call myself a Republican. I stopped calling myself a Republican back then because they stopped listening to people like me. I have always been conservative.


Trump has empowered the silent majority for the first time since President Reagan. This ‘majority’ consists of Christians, hard-working middle-class Americans and people who want more opportunity for their family. They have been silenced by the Left and made to believe that their jobs, way of life and financial security would be put at risk if they fight for their beliefs. Many of them are cast as ‘hateful’ because their beliefs are rooted in their faith.

Hillary Clinton called many of us Trump supporters in a ‘basket of deplorables’ on Friday at a campaign event: hateful to immigrants, gays, different races and religions. She conflated a disgusting few into being representative of millions of people.

Christians, businesspeople and average workers have been silenced because of their fear of financial loss that can result from their conservative values. There have been countless stories of employees being fired for Facebook posts about social issues or donations to political organizations that promote conservative issues. The destructive-Left has benefited from an unfettered culture of punishing people for opposing their positions.

Many small business leaders fear their vendors may be forced to terminate accounts with them if they weighed in to the political discourse. Therefore, they are silent too.


This is the ‘silent majority.’ They are not racist, they do not fear people from other countries/cultures and they do not hate anyone. They simply want to live in peace in a country that respects their faith and want the freedoms and representations afforded to us by the Constitution.

Because the majority has been silenced, by default, the country has indulged destructive, leftist policy. These policies include issues such as the transgender bathrooms in North Carolina (HB2). The NBA and the NCAA are now boycotting the entire state simply because lawmakers do not want biologically born men using the women's restroom (or vice versa). This craziness is only tolerated because it appears the issue has mainstream support (as a result of fearful silence).

The Left uses these distractions to control the debate and thus conquer our culture.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, was asked about (former KKK) David Duke's support of the campaign. Without hesitation, Pence said, “we do not want his support…need his support [or want anything to do with] David Duke. Blitzer pressed by asking if Pence would label Duke as ‘deplorable.’ Pence refused to call him any name. The takeaway? “See they are racists! They refuse to call Duke ‘deplorable.’

It was wise for Pence to refuse to allow his opponents to define the narrative used to label others - even if his refusal is met with ridicule. If Pence is not comfortable labeling Duke, then he should not allow the Left to control his language. The left believes in a self-righteous view of judging others in order to distract from their own bigotry.


My radio producer asked me live on my show if I thought David Duke was deplorable. My answer is that I don't know Duke, like him or care to comment on him at all. What I will say is that I refuse to answer a question framed by someone else to box me in a corner (of labels). The left is brilliant at forcing conservatives to answer questions for which there is no winning answer.

We frequently cave into pressure and allow leftists to bait us into playing their game where they set all the rules.

Bill Clinton said that the Trump slogan, ‘Make America Great Again,’ is an example of racist ideology. On a number of occasions starting with his first election and spanning to Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign, Bill Clinton uttered the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ to reflect a recovery of our country’s strength. He seems to have forgotten that fact.

There are many injustices in our society including racial oppression, crime, corrupt businesses and even a corrupt government. These are legitimate issues for which we should all be concerned. This is perhaps the biggest source of disagreement between the ‘deplorable’ conservatives and liberals. Most of the injustices are created by liberal policies that distract from faith and discipline as being the ultimate solution.

It is when God leaves a society and faith is cast aside that injustice runs rampant. With justice, there is always going to be some injustice. Absent God and faith, we will have nothing but injustice.


The Left desperately needs to scrub faith from our society so they can remain in their position of cultural-power. When there is no standard of ethics or morals, they can define what is right and wrong.

Trump and his ‘deplorables' (including me) represent faith, values, justice, law and order, inclusiveness and prosperity for everyone.

You should proudly wear the label “deplorable” proudly. It means we are winning the debate and that Hillary is sick, bigoted and desperate.

We are absolutely ‘deplorable’ to the leftists who are destroying our great nation.

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