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#NeverTrump or #NeverHillary. You Can’t Be Both.

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All conservatives must put their bruised egos aside. There's too much at stake in the general election with a potential Hillary Clinton victory, to continue Republican infighting. I also plead with Trump-supporters to stop gloating about the win.


The commentary surrounding Trump’s virtual nomination has continued to be visceral by many conservatives. And, it’s coming from both sides: #trumptrain and #nevertrump. Moreover, many of the recipients of these comments were Cruz supporters.

Supporters of each of these candidates should be celebrating freedom. We've long thought we were losing our ability as citizens to have a voice in our political process. That clearly isn’t true. The people decided that they wanted to put a true outsider as the nominee for the Republican Party.

Even so, Republicans seem less divided than Democrats. We have resolved our nomination if not our disagreements. Hillary Clinton seems to be in for a fight for perhaps weeks to come. Clinton’s anti-coal comments cost her West Virginia. A CNN exit-poll, from that primary, evidenced a further divide in the Democrat party showing that one-third of Bernie Sanders voters will support Trump if Clinton is the nominee.

There are a lot of emotional wounds from the harsh Republican primary. Some citizens get overly offended at the words people use. There's no doubt Trump and Cruz have been very harsh in their rhetoric. That’s politics, and it will never change.

Last week, Trump said that Ted Cruz was one of the toughest competitors he'd ever faced in politics or business. He went on to say that Cruz has a bright future in politics.

I believe Cruz will evolve into a Trump-supporter and perhaps will be a future advocate. The reason is clear. The most important factor facing conservatives is stopping Hillary Clinton from continuing the damage of Barack Obama.


Every business in America presently faces the real threat that it will be forced to reconfigure and/or accommodate an Obama-administration restroom policy that allows transgender-men to use the women’s restroom. This is the type of lunacy that is destroying the order of our society and devolving it into chaos. We cannot continue to discriminate against 320 million Americans because a few-hundred thousand of them want to force the rest of us accommodate their lifestyle. Combining a host of social issues like transgender bathrooms, with Supreme Court nominations and job-killing regulations, we are near end-stage democracy unless we unite to stop it.

The next president will likely have to nominate three to four Supreme Court justices. If this remains in the hands of liberals like Clinton, our Constitution will be effectively destroyed. The seats may even be sold in exchange for donations to the Clinton foundation. Hillary Clinton will bring the worst era of ‘pay-for-access to government’ the United States has ever known.

With Hillary Clinton, you can make no mistake that your guns are under siege. If her liberal regime can't restrict or take our guns, they will force the use of digital, smart-guns on us as an alternative. Pres. Obama already has a plan to promote smart gun technology research and commit the federal government to ensure there is a market for such guns. Effectively, after the government buys millions of these guns (creating a market that doesn’t exist) they can claim their success and legislate their integration for gun owners. His administration has already wasted billions of dollars in the solar industry attempting to create a market for products no one wants there. Smart guns are next.


Under Clinton, we will face the continued migration of Obamacare into single-payer ‘Medicare for all.’ I lath Obamacare because of recent, personal experiences at the doctor. My (Obamacare) insurance company served as my prescriber for medicine and my doctor simply was the order taker - they forced him not once but twice to change my prescriptions to inferior medicine that did not work, before allowing me to ‘step up’ to the medicine that did. I missed workdays and lost thousands of dollars buying prescriptions and finding doctors (who were competent) outside of my network. No thanks, Obama and Clinton! Your plans don’t work. Anything Trump does will be better than the health-care garbage liberals have dealt us.

There will be more burdensome regulations that raise the cost of gas, utilities and virtually everything that we buy if Clinton is allowed to continue as Obama’s third term. It will lead to unmeasured inflation and ridiculous job-killing regulation that further drives America’s wealth gap. Clinton's continued rhetoric about the war on women will cost women (and men) jobs because it will make employee benefit-costs too high for employers.

One of these job-killing benefits will be expanded paid, medical leave. While these rules may be in good spirit, they are not viable in a capitalist society competing on a global stage where such rules don’t exist. I recently read an article where one leftist was arguing for paid, pet medical leave. This would give an employee ‘pawternity leave’ if there pet was sick or they adopted a new pet. Before I sold my company (where I employed dozens of people) I had a provision for that. It was called ‘vacation days.’


I suppose the one thing we won’t have to worry about with Hillary Clinton is illegal immigration. With all of these rules, regulations and job-killing initiatives, there won’t be much difference in the United States, Mexico and China.

Trump supporters need to appeal to all Republicans; not gloat the victory. #Nevertrump: If you stay the course, you are supporting everything I just mentioned and more. Your continued Trump-bashing will effectively hand the White House to the Clinton’s. For the sake of your children’s future (or grandchildren) please drop your swords, heal your wounds and lets find some common-ground no matter how small it is. We must stop this monster called ‘Hillary’ in its tracks!

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