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Of Course, Obama Knew of the Spying on the Trump Campaign

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The earth-shattering story that the MSM has attempted in all regards to ignore that then-existing Administration was spying on a presidential campaign broke a couple weeks ago and the spy has now been identified. The logical end question has now been asked -- Did President Obama know that his spying agencies had infiltrated the Trump campaign? The unequivocal answer is YES.


Do I have definitive proof that Obama knew? No. And we never will because Valerie Jarrett kept him away from the parties at hand. But I base my conclusion on 40 years of doing this and eight years of studying the Obama Administration and their disregard for the norms that had been established before them due to their thirst to thrust their ideological platform on the American people.

There are four principle reasons why the Obama team thought they could get away with spying on Trump:

  1. The fawning press would never question them. They had gone through more than eight years of the press tripping over each other lauding their actions, so why would the press question them now?
  2. Their prior actions (which are delineated below) went by with meager questioning and virtually no accusations of impropriety.
  3. They assumed Hillary was going to win and thus the improper actions would never be reviewed. They had to go to Plan B on this once she lost and accuse Trump and his people of gross negligence and then their spying on Trump would be buried in the hysteria regarding Russian Collusion.
  4. The biggest, boldest reason was the Black Card. The Obama Administration had used this so many times it became de rigueur. The whimpering press would never question the Black President, the Black Attorney General nor the Black White House Adviser because of their white guilt. This is a form of reverse racism. If you did question them you would automatically be branded a racist. In fact, me just pointing this out opens me up to being branded by the Obama acolytes as a racist.

By the time 2016 came around, Obama was already emboldened by the factors above and they had tested it on:

  1. The IRS/Tea Party scandal.
  2. Benghazi where four Americans were killed, and no one was ever held accountable despite the lies.
  3. The Veteran’s Administration Scandal where our soldiers died with no responsibility.
  4. Fast and Furious where Obama/Holder gave guns to Mexican gangs.
  5. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that was established as separately funded from Congress and then went off and did illegal activities such as pursuing car dealer loans despite being specifically precluded from that.
  6. Bill Clinton meeting on the tarmac with Attorney General Lynch that was clearly improper over which someone should have resigned.
  7. The fact that the number two person at the FBI could not figure out that his wife taking $700,000 from a high-level Democratic operative was the definition of conflict of interest.
  8. More and More and More.

When did the press ever bring these people to task? Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress and now he is thinking of running for president. President Obama stated there was “not a smidgen of corruption” with the IRS scandal, but if you asked all the people who were never able to form their entities they might think differently.

On the way out the door, Valerie Jarrett stated about President Obama: “He prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal and he hasn’t done something to embarrass himself.” When there are assertions like this that largely go undisputed by the press, you really wonder what planet everybody was on during these eight years. Yet Jake Tapper can question the current president as to his lies.


Obama kept himself, on the face of it, insulated from any of the misdeeds of his administration, but does anyone believe he did not know Holder was illegally selling those guns in Fast and Furious? Yet, Holder did not resign. Does anyone believe Obama did not know Lynch was meeting Clinton on the tarmac? Yet she did not resign.

There was virtually nothing the Obama team could say or do that got them in trouble for eight years. Obviously, they knew what was going on with the invasion of the Trump campaign. What is to question except for once again they will be let off the hook?

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