For Whom the Terrorists Toll, He Tolls for Thee

Posted: Sep 28, 2014 12:01 AM
For Whom the Terrorists Toll, He Tolls for Thee

The raging debate in America about involving our military in action in the Middle East casts a fascinating twist for the debate participants. Those who argue for restraint or what some would characterize as passivity clearly seem to me to be the first ones the terrorists would like to murder.

We must first understand whom we are fighting. Those who object to our use of military force would say that the enemy is unclear. They would be correct at times. After all, we (Obama) worked actively to depose Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya. The people who replaced Mubarak in Egypt turned out to be worse and Americans who cheer democracy and freedom have to be thankful that there was a military takeover and a faux election in Egypt establishing el-Sisi as the new head of government. He may not be George Washington, but he is imminently better than the Muslim Brotherhood being in charge. Also, comparing that to the apparent chaos in neighboring Libya makes one appreciate the existing stability to Egypt.

There is some clarity to who we are fighting and have been for many years. Some would trace it back to the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda. The biggest problem generates from the lack of direction coming from our current leadership. An example was the Administration’s entire defense of the Benghazi disaster. They created this mantra that the participants were not “core Al Qaeda” as if Americans could possibly make heads or tails of that nonsense. To most every American a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist. And these days the almost all are Islamists. This Administration has done a disservice in defense of this country by not framing this clearly.

That is what Obama did once again when ISIS began to roll across Syria and Iraq. By minimizing the threat to the civilized world of groups like this and casting them in a different manner than other terrorists Americans mistakenly believe that somehow there is salvation for these groups or that they will not bother us.

What we need is lucidity regarding all these names. Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Taliban and Hamas are all the same. They are Islamic terrorists who hate the liberalism of modern society and want to destroy us for way we live not just for not being Muslims. Noah Beck recently wrote a comprehensible definition of the likenesses between ISIS and Hamas. There is very little difference. The Taliban acted similarly to ISIS when they controlled Afghanistan. Hezbollah has not been a tower of civility in Lebanon. Some of these groups have been embraced by the Left in Europe and America, but make no mistake they are nothing but murderous thugs using Islam as an excuse to rape and murder.

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, presents a classic example of a misguided believer. I have not met the lady, but I have seen her expressing her thoughts on various shows. I can guarantee you that she favors strongly women’s and gay rights. The Code Pink website is all about women (there is no mention of gay rights on there). Yet, she has allowed herself and her organization to be used as a shill for Hamas. Hamas is not stupid so when she went to Gaza they did not rape or kill her or both. They just used her and her organization for now to perpetuate their goals. There is nowhere noted that she talked to them about that second election they never had. The last one was 2006. Or the people they keep randomly killing to stay in power. People like Benjamin are the reason the term “Useful Fool” was developed. Israel is everything she believes in (the only country in the region is support of women’s and gay rights) and then she goes and embraces her and Israel’s philosophical enemy.

Code Pink and The ANSWER Coalition naively believe stopping America and our allies from wiping out these terrorists groups would reap rewards. Maybe because their members are not highly religiously observant they think them that if given the opportunity the thugs and miscreants would pass by them. The truth is the terrorists would attack them first -- rape the women, kill them and throw them in a hole. The reason the terrorists hate western civilization begins with all these stooges. Ask yourself would these terrorists start their rampage against those folks or Texans first? Texans would shoot them and the peace lovers would try to hug them while they were having their throats slit.

Our President embodies many of these instincts. He believes somehow by avoiding conflict we will not become involved or it will never touch us. He is supremely naïve. Obama certainly has done a few pinpricks. He is now leading a coalition of the unwilling because he is unwilling fighting the terrorists from 30,000 feet in the air. He brings to mind though what Lincoln wrote to General McClellan “If you are not using the army, I should like to borrow it for a short while.”

Even The Pope figured out there is justification for using military force against these murderous gangsters. They would probably like to wipe out all of us, but their greatest joy would be killing and raping those who seem to embrace a peaceful path with them.