Obama’s Master Plan

Posted: Jun 08, 2014 12:01 AM
Obama’s Master Plan

One might think that when a President is reeling from a scandal (VA) that has all sides of the political spectrum screaming for heads to roll and for criminal charges against government employees, that his Administration would take a break and wait for the air to clear. But no, not when you are a true believer, and that is what Barack Obama has finally shown himself to all to be.

In one very short period, the President has tossed the Israeli government over the side, pushed for radical environmental rules that will by the EPA’s own estimates lower the earth’s temperature a fraction of a degree by the end of this century, gone in front of the graduating class of West Point and told them his goal is to make them superfluous, told the military he is capitulating on a war he himself stated was just and escalated in 2009, and now has released five top terrorists for what clearly is a soldier who deserted.

The mind-numbing series of events happened so quickly that no one really strung them together. It was only after the harsh response to the swap of five top Taliban terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl that people started to get clarity. The first I saw was Dana Perino (former Press Secretary to George W. Bush) who stated that the swap is the beginning of the emptying of Guantanamo Bay in order to complete an Obama promise. After these five are gone, why hold onto to the lesser beings? That was later echoed by others, but it appears they may not see the big picture. This is a full-on onslaught of “we don’t care what you think; we are going to do whatever we want at this point.”

We received some clarity when we were interviewing Patrick J. Michaels regarding Mr. Obama’s climate initiative. Michaels is one of the leading experts on climate in the world (past president of American Association of State Climatologists). He told us that the President has decided that he does not care about winning the Senate and has written off states like West Virginia and Kentucky. Michaels believes that Obama has made a decision that he can, in effect, go it alone the next couple of years regarding environmental issues, and that his policies will be so entrenched by the 2016 election that overturning them will not be possible.

If you doubt the fact that Obama has decided on a ‘go it alone’ strategy, look at the reaction to some of his policies. The initiative by the EPA regarding carbon emissions has been roundly rejected by many Democrats up for election in the Senate and senatorial candidates. For example, Alison Grimes, who is running in Kentucky against Mitch McConnell for his senate seat, stated she would fight the EPA rules in the Senate. McConnell laughed that off, reminding everyone she would be voting for Harry Reid as majority leader and any attempt to overturn the rule would never come to the floor with him around. As for the Bergdahl debacle, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) complained of not receiving proper legal notification of the deal. The Obama team does not care that Ms. Feinstein’s feelings were hurt or the law was broken.

The first question is why has Obama decided at this juncture to desert his party and go it alone on so many fronts? It seems on many levels that the Democrats’ opportunities are thin for either retaining the Senate or capturing the House. Though the Obamas are out there suckering people to write checks for the fall campaign, they realize that their window to fundamentally change America is quickly closing. The economy continues to languish and their only line of defense is Harry Reid in the Senate. Once the Senate turns Republican, it will be even more difficult to accomplish any of the radical agenda that Obama always wanted to accomplish. He meant it when he said he was going to fundamentally change America.

The second question is what is next? There are a myriad of fronts. He could seriously advance the attempt to legalize more foreigners within our borders. He knows the Republicans will pass a bill he does not like and will be forced to sign once they have both houses. He will continue to further strangle the banking industry through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other methods, coming ever closer to nationalizing the banks. Since his Administration does not even abide by his own laws (Obamacare), the next line of attack could be almost anywhere.

It is clear now that Obama wants to create a legacy at any cost. If that runs over allies (Canada, Israel), destroys industries (energy producers), or takes functional control of industries (banks), it is all for the greater good. When you know you are right there is no wrong.