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Bring on Obamacare

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I, for one, was delighted when President Obama decided that all forms of birth control should be provided for free by insurance companies. There’s little doubt that every woman should have the right to unrestricted sexual activity without the burden of an unwanted child. More importantly, I’m now prepared to make my case to get free blood pressure medication included in my insurance plan.

Everyone knows that blood pressure is the “Silent Killer.” My father, who died of a heart attack forty years ago, was probably oblivious to the dangers of high blood pressure. Fortunately my doctor determined several years ago that I had genetically high blood pressure, and it has since been controlled with prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, the money-grubbing drug companies charge an outrageous sum of money for my medication. But because we know that millions of Americans suffer from high blood pressure, and that heart disease is the nation’s foremost killer, I’m confident that President Obama (with the help of Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services) will compel insurance companies to provide me and every other suffering American with free blood pressure medication.

Now back to reality. Democrats are trying to make this into a fight about contraceptives, while Republicans focus on the affront to religious freedom. Let’s clarify the real issue of this entire episode -- ObamaCare. Because so many people complain about the individual mandate contained within the health care program passed by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts and included in ObamaCare, people think that Republicans merely hate the mandate. Republicans don’t hate the individual mandate – it’s just the part of ObamaCare they can litigate from a Constitutional perspective. Republicans hate ALL of ObamaCare, most of which is scheduled to go into effect after the 2012 election; because, if Americans realized how horrendous this legislation really is, Democrats would lose in a landslide.

In their desire to hide the pernicious effects of ObamaCare, the Administration screwed up. They didn’t want you to know that the legislation is intended to control nearly every aspect of your health care. But now we are seeing the first illustration of the bureaucratic control that will be imposed upon each and every American. When the public revolted against a decision that had been in the works for months, Obama came up with a compromise – we’ll force insurance companies to give it to everyone for free. Clearly Obama’s health care zealots didn’t have parents who taught them that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. So they must have just assumed that the rest of us weren’t taught it either.

My friends, this is just the beginning. There are 159 commissions and boards defined in this abysmal legislation, a fact that most Americans have forgotten because none of them has started making decisions intended to control our lives. Don’t you wonder what the Medicaid Quality Measurement program will do? Or what do you think about the Community Services Preventive Task Force? Given the opportunity, this President will appoint people to these commissions who are clones of Elizabeth Warren – self-righteous elitists who want to make decisions on our behalf because “they know better than we do.” The only potential upside to re-electing Obama and allowing him to populate all these panels is that he’ll have to decimate the faculty of Harvard University – who perhaps then might stop poisoning the minds of America’s youth. Unfortunately, that’s only a miniscule benefit compared to the huge cost we’ll all have to pay once these self-righteous snobs devastate our health care system.

We are just beginning to witness the evil effects of this legislation. Michelle Malkin recently described the results of something that I had previously warned about – the medical device tax. Because manufacturers will be moving to friendlier countries, it is estimated that 43,000 American jobs will be lost just from the imposition of this one tax. And yet the Obama Administration doesn’t grasp the cause and effect. Of course, you don’t have to consider the effect when you know the cause is righteous.

Are you ready to blindly accept the decisions and mandates of the other 157 commissions? Do you think that there’s any hope that these decisions will be less invasive than the order to undermine religious freedom over contraceptive services? If there’s one overriding reason to prevent a second term for Obama, this is it – so don’t forget that in November.

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