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2010 Race of the Day: KY-03

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This fall, voters in Kentucky’s Third Congressional District have a prime opportunity to take back a Republican seat in the House. After a decade of Republican congressional representation in Louisville, Democrat John Yarmuth narrowly won this district in 2006 with 51% of the vote. Increasingly out-of-touch with his constituents, Yarmuth has become a reliable vote for his leadership and now faces a top-flight Republican challenger in Todd Lally.


Kentucky’s most urban area, the Third District encompasses all of Louisville. Although this district has a slightly Democratic-leaning reputation, Republicans have had success here: Former Republican Congresswoman Anne Northup represented this district from 1997 until her narrow 49% defeat in the 2006 elections and it was here in Jefferson County that now-Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was first elected to judge-executive.

While this demographically diverse region maintains a tangible strain of fiscal conservatism, John Yarmuth steadfastly supports the Pelosi-Obama agenda. In this decidedly Republican-friendly year, Yarmuth’s radically liberal voting record won’t behoove him at the ballot box. He votes with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time--more than almost any other Democrat in Congress. Similarly alarming is Yarmuth’s double-talk on fiscal issues. After telling his constituents that he hated the bill, he voted for the bank bailout that was later signed into law. Furthermore, he continued to spend his constituents’ money by voting for the failed trillion-dollar stimulus and lining up behind Pelosi to raise the debt limit to an astronomical $14.3 trillion.

Third District voters have a strong candidate to battle Yarmuth this fall. Local Air National Guard hero Todd Lally presents a conservative option for the voters that are tired of Yarmuth’s blind allegiance to Democrat leadership. Todd is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Kentucky Air National Guard who has served the people of Kentucky for 22 years as a military pilot. During his time in uniform, Todd served in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This Louisville native has become a radio personality as a live commentator on the Cox Radio station, “Voice of Thunder over Louisville.” Todd is a committed supporter of conservative values and fiscal responsibility. He understands that the Constitution is the base of our system of governance and pledges to work to uphold it. He is dedicated to providing the citizens of Kentucky’s Third District the kind of principled, responsible leadership they deserve.


This November, voters in Louisville have a clear choice: continue supporting the job-killing economic policies of the Obama-Pelosi-Yarmuth team or elect a fiscally responsible Republican who will create jobs in Kentucky’s Third District. I hope you’ll continue to watch this race and learn more about Todd on his website or be following him on Twitter or viewing his campaign profile on Facebook.

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