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The 11th Congressional District of North Carolina is one of the most closely contested districts in the state, and one could wind up in the Republican column come November. After voting in favor of the job-killing cap and trade bill, incumbent Democrat Heath Shuler will have a tough time proving to his constituents that he has stuck to his “conservative Democrat” title and not conformed to the job-crushing, tax increasing liberal agenda. 

His Republican competition, Jeff Miller, has not only won numerous awards for his service to the community, but his ideals are more in line with what constituents expect  from government, such as stopping the increasing government spending and stopping a government healthcare takeover. With a strong challenger, Shuler is in for a tough fight to retain his House seat this fall.

Located in western North Carolina and encompassing the city of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains, this mainly rural area is one of the nation’s most competitive districts, shown by the ten year timeframe when five of the six incumbents were not elected back into office. Due to Shuler’s weak showing in the Democratic primary and Miller’s impressive victory despite a very crowded ballot, this lack of incumbent retention should be a trend again when Shuler faces Miller in November.

Heath Shuler once seemed to be a conservative Democrat, having strong opinions against illegal immigration and gun control, but then he showed his true colors when he voted against the will of his constituents and for the liberal agenda Pelosi in supporting the cap and trade bill. This bill will not only increase energy prices, but will result in heavy job cuts and salary decreases for millions of Americans.  Believe it or not, this isn’t the only time Shuler has ignored constituents and done something to promote his own well being. Several times he has been under fire from his constituents and the House Ethics committee regarding his involvement in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s consideration of a land swap. Constituents in the 11th District of North Carolina cannot afford to trust a man who will put his own interests first and vote for a bill that will cause tax hikes and enormous long term consequences.

Jeff Miller is a dedicated North Carolinian, born and raised. Not only is he a strong advocate for veterans, he has won awards for his honoring of them, including the Presidential Citizens Medal. Jeff he founded Honor Air, a nonprofit organization that flies thousands of World War II Veterans to D.C. to see the World War II memorial. Unlike Shuler, Miller doesn’t support the job-crushing, tax increasing cap and trade bill and proposes a “comprehensive energy policy that focuses on freeing America from dependence on foreign oil.” Coming from a long line of family businessmen, Miller knows a thing or two about service and he will continue to do so in Congress.

In a year where the Republicans have a strong advantage to take back the House, there is no better place to start than North Carolina’s 11th. In this region where the Cook PVI rating is R+6 and McCain won 52% of the vote despite Obama’s winning the state, there is a path to victory.  Shuler has already proved that he follows the Pelosi agenda rather than the will of his constituents, and the voters need someone who will listen to their concerns and take their interests to heart.

North Carolina voters can make that switch by electing Jeff Miller to Congress and taking back a Republican seat. I hope you’ll check out Jeff’s website, as well as his Facebook and Twitter pages, for the latest news and updates this race.

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