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Comedy Central's Clinton Propaganda

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No one doubts that the "fake news" shows on Comedy Central are propaganda organs for liberalism. NPR and MSNBC hosts have swooned over the soothing satirical nightcaps for the snarky liberal.

Apparently, that genre isn't enough. Now, the channel's situation comedies are pushing the Democrats.

In the March 16 episode of the millennial-female sitcom "Broad City," the buffoonish main character (played by Ilana Glazer) volunteers for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign -- so enthusiastically she put "Rodham" in her name, as in "Ilana Rodham Wexler." Since she's not very bright, she assumes that she is being paid for the volunteer position.

Clinton's TV campaign supervisor advises the volunteers on proper messaging to potential Clinton voters over the phone: "But just remind them succinctly that a vote for Hillary is a vote for the working class." Ilana jumps in with more: "And minorities. You know, your caramels, your queers, your Ls, your Gs, your Bs, your Ts, your Qs. Vets, right? Babies. The handi-capable!"

The supervisor adds, as Ilana nods enthusiastically, "It's really important to remind people of Hillary's service. Not only was she secretary of state. She was a practicing lawyer. She expanded health insurance for lower income families. And she's won a Grammy." To which Ilana sounded like she had a sexual reaction, and added: "I did not know that!"

Comedy Central should register as a super PAC.

Since these people are shameless liberals, they declared at the South by Southwest festival they were "not trying to make a political statement." Co-star Abbi Jacobson insisted "Regardless of where we stand -- and we love Hillary -- Hillary is such an iconic figure. That's someone that, being around someone like that, these girls being around her is not an everyday thing."

And so, eschewing a political statement, they melt in her very real presence. Clinton makes a cameo at the episode's end, appearing at campaign headquarters. "She's walked on this floor, she's breathed in this air!" Ilana gushes to Abbi before the meeting. "That smells decisive."

When Clinton appears in her pantsuit, the two girls ludicrously overreact in slow motion as Clinton walks in and winks with one eye, and then the other. Then they scream. The "funny" line arrives when Abbi declares she has "pegged" -- which is slang for sexually penetrating a male from behind with a dildo.

This is how the Democrats campaign in 2016.

The episode ended with the two girls hugging Clinton, with a head on each of the candidate's shoulders. "Broad City" is produced by comedian Amy Poehler, who pulled a similar stunt on her NBC sitcom, "Parks and Recreation," with a cameo by Vice President Joe Biden in 2015. After being unable to speak in Biden's presence, Poehler's character Leslie Knope lectured the Secret Service: "You don't let anything happen to him, do you understand me? He is precious cargo!"

Clinton has been tanking with millennial voters, and young females have abandoned her in droves to vote for Bernie Sanders. Obviously, Comedy Central felt the need to help a candidate out. But it's "not a political statement." It's just acknowledging an "iconic figure."

The pretense was shredded after the episode aired. Ilana Glazer took to Twitter with a fist-bump emoji: "So proud to rep you on our show @HillaryClinton. twas a dream come true! Let's go get that primary -- we're close."

The Tinseltown elite is not just the Democrats' ATM. They are their perpetual free-advertising machine.

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