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In Ottawa, the nation's capital of Canada, the Museum of Science and Technology has decided to provide school children with answers in a scientific field where "reliable and comprehensive sources of information are rare or little-known." I don't know if you're familiar with it. That field is called "sex."


As always, society's experts believe parents either faint at the thought of discussing sex with their children or worse, spread ignorance based on allegedly outdated religious texts. But wait until you hear what the Canadian government's subsidized version of "science" looks like.

The exhibit is called "Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition." It is certainly exhibitionist.

Kris Sims of Canada's Sun News reported: "The exhibit includes floor-to-ceiling photos of nude toddlers, children, teens and adults, and an array of heated, flavored, and textured condoms rolled over wooden dildos. There's also a 'climax room' with a round, low, leather bed, red curtains, a video screen showing animations of aroused genitals, and the voice of a man describing an orgasm."

This doesn't sound like it belongs in a museum. It sounds like a seedy porn emporium. Did I mention it was designed to inform "adolescents 12 and older"? (After the word went around about this trash, the museum raised the minimum age to 16. Whew.)

Oh, but don't worry, Canada. The experts have designed this to be -- you guessed it -- educational. The museum explains, "The exhibition explains the physiological and psychological manifestations of sexuality from a scientific standpoint, answering young people's most common concerns in frank but tactful language."


Uh-oh. What is meant by "frank but tactful"? Sun News explains the children are instructed to write their own words for penis and vagina on a digital screen, while slang terms such as "c ---" and "pussy" for female genitalia and "c---" for male body parts are displayed above it in large letters.

If you find that "tactful," you might be the kind of idiot that feels qualified to run a museum and lecture others that they are not "reliable and comprehensive sources of information."

"It very quickly became apparent to myself and my wife that this was revolting," parent Patrick Meagher said. "They were encouraging kids to have multiple partners, have anal sex, and the words they used were inappropriate. This felt like a sexual agenda being pushed."

That's putting it mildly. The exhibit includes listening stations with prewritten questions and push-button audio answers. Next to a printed question asking, "Why do many boys always want to have anal sex?" sexologist Jamy Ryan responds that not all boys want to do it, but: "If you are comfortable trying that activity, go ahead and do it. It could be fun for you, but if you are not, you don't really have to do it."

Next to a question about pregnancy, the museum recording assures listeners that abortions are available at medical clinics and at 14 years old, you don't need to tell your parents.


After all, we've established that most parents just don't have the gift of providing "reliable and comprehensive information." They can be discouraging of anal sex and abortion at 14.

Critics did shrink the base of "comprehensive" information in one part of the exhibit. Students will not see video screens using animations to explain the joy of masturbation. But they are still "scientifically" instructed it is "completely normal" and one of the "pathways of pleasure" that continues into adulthood alongside other "intimate caresses."

The word "comprehensive" also describes incessant promotion of condoms and other artificial contraceptives. One exhibit insists: "No condom? The answer is no!" Contraceptives are defined as essential health products to prevent bad outcomes ... such as pregnancy or as American politicians describe it, being "punished with a baby." Who is giving the editorial guidelines here in Ottawa? Obama?

The Montreal Science Centre, the creator of the exhibition, developed a teacher's guide, which includes in-class activities for before and after student arousal -- I mean, the field trip. "Teachers are invited to involve students in a quiz-game either during their visit or back in the classroom." Can you imagine what kind of trouble a teacher would invite by bringing this explicit "climax room" concept into the schools?


On national television, the Canadian anchormen and liberal members of Parliament had no patience for the museum's critics. "Clearly, it is science," interjected one "news" host. "It's called biology," sneered one haughty politician.

This is another manifestation of that disease Jonah Goldberg has diagnosed in his book "The Tyranny of Cliches." Like other leftists, cultural leftists think their ideological promotions -- have sex; have it now; have it often; have it at 14; and have it with a condom -- can be defined as objective "biology," not a sexual-revolution ideology.

Sodom, meet Gomorrah.

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