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A Dire Day in the Media

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Reporting on the Mirror – FOX NEWS

  • The motivations for this will be the real story.

Shockwaves is the only way to describe the news this morning that Fox was ending its relationship with Tucker Carlson. Over the weekend, something new transpired in-house as the abrupt decision was made to curtail Carlson’s show, effective immediately. Tucker signed off Friday, indicating he would be on tonight, and there is even content recorded already that now is in the limbo of ever being aired.

The speculation behind this move is guesswork right now, with the LA Times going so far as to say it is connected to a suit filed by former producer Abbey Grossberg. The fallout from this move will be well worth watching, to be certain.

Reporting on the MIrror – CNN

At nearly the same time as the Fox-Tucker announcement came the revelation that CNN was firing Don Lemon. In a Twitter post, the 17-year CNN vet claimed he was “stunned” at the announcement of the move that could have justifiably taken place numerous times over the past couple of years.

In response, CNN made a statement of its own, essentially saying that Don’s post was #FakeNews.

About the only way they could have been more cutting is to have said that Lemon was let go for being past his prime.

The main problem with the two sides offering these polarized views is that we are unsure if we should listen to the disgraced pundit or the discredited network.

Reporting on the Mirror – CNN/FOX NEWS

  • They finally have something in common.

Democratic Custodial Services – WASHINGTON POST

Aaron Blake is hard at work explaining to us why we should not care about the latest Biden scandal. After the House Judiciary Committee came out with evidence that the infamous intelligence letter that dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian propaganda originated within the Jose Biden campaign, Blake works diligently to contort things so that there is no culpability…supposedly:

House Republicans’ attempts to claim government officials played a role in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story have often gone well beyond the established facts. Now they’re turning to the Biden campaign’s role. As before, though, the evidence isn’t as compelling as advertised.

To update where we stand – as the January 6 committee came up with very little, that investigation is regarded as pristine proof, whereas here we are presented with direct evidence, and Blake strains to find a way to dismiss it as of little consequence. 

Both Kinds of Standards – THE NEW YORK TIMES

  • Almost appears that the party of the politician not speaking to the press makes a difference.

It was this past January when The New York Times ruminated over Ron Desantis being reticent to speak with the press. They described this hesitancy to engage with reporters as “another sign of partisan division.” What a difference a Democrat makes. As Biden is poised to declare he will run for reelection, the same paper addresses his reluctance to give press conferences and interviews and barely take questions. The approach to this is decidedly less worrisome, it appears:

As President Biden prepares to announce his bid for a second term as soon as Tuesday, his decision to keep the news media at arm’s length is part of a deliberate strategy.


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