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Indictment Excitement, Blaming Christian Victims, and Kessler Angling for More Corrections

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Body Checking the Fact-Checkers – WASHINGTON POST

  • Doxxing with public information.

I swear, Glenn Kessler seems to love being corrected on Twitter. After his weekend of embarrassments, the WaPo Truth-sayer is back at it, this time, accusing the Trump sons of exposing the daughter of the judge presiding over the Trump fiasco.

As Glenn avoids the detail of the family involvement with the vice president, his accusation that the Trumps somehow doxxed the daughter ignores that the press has been running her photo.

Both Kinds of Standards – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • Just the press corps behaving like under-medicated gibbons…

Bear in mind that the press has been promising/anticipating/begging to see raving hordes of Trump supporters gathering in New York for weeks now.

Now, Robert Costa reports from the scene, and we finally see a rabid mob. Only – this is not a throng of MAGA-hatted nutters. These are press idiots swarming at the appearance of Rep. George Santos, who was on the scene for no reason and provided nothing in the way of news. Yet this is the reaction of these esteemed “journalists.”

Anti-Social Media – WASHINGTON POST

Many in the press have wised up and are backing away from the Nashville shooting after a week of warped approaches and strained attempts at not reporting on the basics. Not having learned the lesson yet, Silvia Foster-Frau storms ahead with the same desire to not look critically at anything to do with the shooter.

Instead, she looks to the Christian community to find answers from them following the attack on the private academy. The message here: “You were just made the victim of a violent attack - what are you going to do about it?!”

Pathological Media Amnesia – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • They always had this opinion, this time.

As more answers are demanded following the Nashville shooting, the authorities seem hesitant to release the killer’s manifesto. For many in the press, this is the proper stance, and, in fact, they are starting to give voice to the trans activist community, which has been calling to not have the manifesto released at all.

Interesting, considering how in past instances, this was the opposite heard from the media. It almost seems like the decision to have these details go public rests on how it will help out the overarching media narratives.

Democratic Custodial Services – CNN

  • They know nothing was revealed, while they have no idea what was actually revealed.

The aftermath of the Chinese spy balloon caper continues to make the Biden administration appear entirely inept. Karine Jean-Pierre was just at the press podium declaring that Biden completely avoiding taking action was an example of how he “did something about “ the balloon.

Attempting cleanup duty was Natasha Bertrand, as she had a new report from the intelligence community on the flight and declared that nothing sensitive was learned. Also – the Chinese were able to remotely erase the live transmissions, so there is no way of knowing what they collected from the spy balloon. 

So we should all be assured: The live transmissions we had been told were not taking place were sent, but those did not contain sensitive information, even though there is no way of knowing what had been collected. That’s…a relief?



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