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Mopping Up for Biden

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Democrat Custodial Services – MSNBC

  • There is no such thing as an equivalency when it comes to Trump.

With the impending arrest of Donald Trump once again delayed, as that case continues to unravel, over at "Morning Joe," the namesake host has already moved away from his excited "walls are closing in" delivery (going all the way back to…yesterday) and now is getting his hopes up that the ongoing classified documents scandal might net the fantasized jailtime so many in the press cling to. 

Of course, the bothersome detail in all of this is that Jose Biden is sitting with his own identical scandal. EXCEPT: It is not identical, according to ScarJo.

Scarborough set the table for Ken Dilanian to make all the excuses by stipulating that these scandals are not about the documents. (Imagine our surprise!) This paves the path for Ken to wipe away Biden's culpability.

C'mon, now, how is a guy who spent 50 years in government with the highest intel access supposed to know about this stuff?! To see just how deep the desperation is here, understand that the FBI knew exactly where Trump had documents and ordered them to be locked and secured – while under Secret Service purview. Biden's classified papers spanned decades and were discovered at a think tank in Pittsburgh, his lawyer's office in Boston, and under oily car rags in his garage in Delaware.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – CNN

  • False in advertising.

It is with undiluted hilarity that CNN is attempting to sell itself as a fact-based news alternative with a new advertising effort. With commercial spots running during the current March Madness tournament, CNN is clearly trying to play off of the furor surrounding Fox News and their defamation lawsuit. 

Just try not reacting as you listen to the tagline, "Some bury the truth, while we fight to reveal the facts. The only side we are on is yours."

Presentation Paradox – POLITICO

The case of New York DA Alvin Bragg is not only falling apart, but so is his credibility. The man who has spent his brief tenure knocking down felony charges to misdemeanors and outright releasing those people with lesser crimes is now trying to inflate charges against former President Donald Trump, and it is not going well. We know this because the press is not looking critically at this case with any seriousness, all while trying to build up the man as an elevated character. Politico writer Erica Orden tries mightily to make Bragg into a mythic figure, but she flamed out heroically. 

Orden paints Bragg as a non-political figure in law enforcement – while describing him outwardly as a "liberal" DA. Care to explain how that works, exactly? The man was backed by George Soros and then campaigned on a platform of going after Donald Trump!

Even more amusing, as Joseph Vasquez points out at NewsBusters, while Orden paints Bragg as a "by the book District Attorney," she describes his first week in office with the tale of his attempt to throw out that very book.

- "Bragg set off alarms when he issued a memo two days after taking office that directed assistant district attorneys to largely avoid prosecuting minor offenses, telling them to stop charging many low-level crimes and to avoid seeking jail time for many robbery, assault and gun possession cases in which no other crimes were committed. After an internal backlash from the office's prosecutors, as well as vocal criticism from the New York Police Department commissioner, police unions and conservative media outlets like the New York Post editorial page, Bragg apologized for 'confusion' created by the memo and issued a second memo attempting to clarify his policies."

Stealth Story Evolution – POLITICO

  • Don't you usually change the headline to a better one?!

Apparently, Erica's conflicting content was caught by editors, who went ahead and altered her headline after publishing. They do not alert readers to this change, nor do they explain how describing him as a "liberal" in the headline helps her cause.

Body Checking the Fact-Checkers – USA TODAY

If you were among the millions who were racing to their underground bunkers or rushing to finish construction on your panic rooms as a result of this video being passed around, Kate S. Petersen of USA Today is here to alert everyone that there is no reason to lose control.

It turns out that the video of an alien walking in Siberia and boarding its spacecraft was actually footage lifted from a video game. So no need to start ripping into those dehydrated chicken alfredo vacuum-packs just yet.

Reporting on the Mirror – NEWSMAX

The simmering feud between Newsmax and DirectTV in their carriage dispute has been resolved, with the network returning to the satellite waves today. The details of the final agreement have not been disclosed, but it appears that some details emerge from the way things were not spoken. 

This whole ordeal had been chalked up to Newsmax allegedly asking for a too-high price to have their content in the lineup. But a spokesperson from DirectTV indicates the channel returns with extra costs passed on to customers. One other lightly detailed wrinkle was seen. It appears one aspect of the negotiation involved Newsmax making itself accessible beyond the satellite provider.

- "Newsmax was also available to stream for free online, which became a sticking point in negotiations, as pay-TV providers typically pay for exclusivity."

Anti-Social Media – CNN

As the network struggles with moribund ratings, there are indicators of desperation. It was announced last month that Bill Maher would be brought on Fridays with an after-show segment from his HBO "Real Time" broadcast. So far, that one-month experiment has led to a sharp drop in ratings.

Meanwhile, the network that has a glimmer of success with Stanley Tucci delivering a travelogue food show on Sundays has just been reported to let another food show go. Alison Roman was tabbed just over a year ago to appear on CNN+, but after the expensive demise of that platform, she was brought on to appear on the network. But after shooting episodes for two seasons, she has been canceled before being broadcast, joining Tucci as an outcast cooker.


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