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WaPo Has the Bidens in a Dining Scandal

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Both Kinds of Standards – MSNBC

  • Now we DON'T like boisterous politicians from top-flight schools, is that the message?

On the always balanced and level-headed "Morning Joe," Mr. Scarborough was getting perturbed by the performative Q&A seen in the Senate chambers from Senator Josh Hawley as he was grilling Attorney General Merrick Garland. Joe was trying to pretend he never saw a politician performing for the cameras before. 

Then, as he was pontificating on the poor acting performance by the GOP senator, Mika was beside him and making it appear as if she was on the verge of vomiting. That was her reaction to the video they just ran, oblivious that as her paramour was railing about bad acting she was trying to act as if she were on the verge of reverse parasitosis. Obliviousness, where is thy sting!

Also of note is the panel attempting to mock a bevy of Republicans who all hail from Ivy League schools. We always get lectured on how wonderfully intelligent Democrats are who matriculate through these institutions, but somehow this morning that was a mockable detail.

News Avoidance Syndrome – WASHINGTON POST

  • I take this to mean there also will not be challenging questions posed to Democrats to comment on this arrest.

The mayor of College Park, Maryland – Patrick Wojahn – was arrested on multiple child pornography charges. We feel the need to inform you that Wojahn is a Democrat, and this is because a great many news outlets reporting on the incident could not seem to get around to providing this detail. It appeared nowhere in this Washington Post piece, as an example.

Then, just to underscore that there might be an intentional effort to side-step such a detail, let us look at another case of a similar nature. When an individual with former political involvement was arrested over child porn charges, their affiliation made it into the headline, since this was a Republican involved.

Matching Media Memorandum – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • Just as the shutdown of any lab leak talk has been proven wrong, the latest off-limits topic emerges in the press.

It is always a refreshing display to see a collection of journalists who come out to boldly declare that getting information out to the public is the last thing they want to take place. Recently, it was seen that a cabal of news outlets was demanding they have access to the J-6 committee videos that were given to Tucker Carlson – after not making any demand for two months after the committee's final report. Now, we see just as many journos declaring that the last thing they want to see is the public gaining access to the videos.

Demo-lition Project – CNN

  • It will be news when they have something other than horrible ratings news.

It was just a week ago that CNN staged a town hall regarding the East Palestine train derailment issue, hosted by Jake Tapper. That event garnered some embarrassingly low numbers for the network, but that was hardly an anomaly.

The month of February was brutal for CNN, as it managed to drop a significant amount in the ratings compared to the already dismal returns seen in January. Somehow, they managed to fall from that subterranean perch, with the Don Lemon-led new morning show continuing to plunge, delivering the worst ratings since the relaunch took place last fall.

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – WASHINGTON POST

We do not need to comment much more beyond this entry. Oh, to be someone charged with providing this level of journalism…

Reporting on the Mirror – CNET

It was just about one month ago when it was revealed that the tech outlet CNET was moving forward as yet another publication that began using artificial intelligence-generated content on its site. On the heels of that report comes another announcement that CNET is joining news outlets in another practice.

It has been announced that it will begin laying off 10% of its workforce.


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