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'Morning Joe' Campaigns for Trump

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Stealth Story Evolution – MSNBC

  • So we are back to promoting the guy who is the biggest threat to our democracy?

On "Morning Joe," the namesake host was pontificating on the 2024 presidential race. Yes, already. Joe Scarborough was promoting the concept that Ron DeSantis should sit back and not run for the office next year. Why? Because that would pave the way for Donald Trump to run again. You know, the guy that the press thinks would be the absolute ruination of our nation? Yeah – him.

Of course, Mo-Jo kind of gave the game up earlier in the same show. Not only is it obvious that they fear DeSantis more than they hate Trump, but once again, they do so with the thought that there is no way Trump would actually win.

Anti-Social Media – WASHINGTON POST

WaPo comes out with a dose of mockery directed at the growing list of entities that want to do away with access to TikTok on official devices. A large number of states and universities have made this move, but the outlet declares that this is being done out of hysteria. Those calling to ban the app are doing so because they are "panicked," we are told.

Of course, this approach has to overlook none other than President Jose Biden banning the video app from government devices, but whatever.

News Avoidance Syndrome – MSNBC

  • Existing laws have no jurisdiction over Joy Reid's racist hysterics.

Yes, Ms. Reid had another racist rant on her show. And, yes, she also had another deranged hot take about what Governor DeSantis is doing in Florida. The amusement this time is that she went off on a hysterical tangent about how Florida schools are banning the teaching of black history and African American studies. While there are a number of problems in her screeching, one preeminent fact stands out.

Florida has a law on the books requiring that black history and slavery be included in curriculums. It was strengthened by another law. Ron DeSantis signed both of those into law.

Both Kinds of Standards – THE NATION

Ah, sports journalists are a dependable source when looking to find a faction of the press more unhinged than seen in D.C. Over at The Nation, sports columnist Dave Zirin is really upset with former head coach and current NBC analyst Tony Dungy. According to Zirin, Dungy is a right-wing zealot, and it is wrong that the network tolerates and celebrates the man like they do, letting him remain on the air. All of this springs from Dungy being outwardly religious and supporting things such as this week's March For Life.

That Dungy does not inject his views into his broadcasts is not an applicable fact. Neither is the fact that after years of National Anthem protests and Black Lives Matter activism on the field, Zirin was never bothered by left-wing extremism. And, of course, those past lectures from sports journalists that we have to respect the freedom of expression and the right to support activist causes is not granted to someone like Dungy.

Reporting on the Mirror – VOX MEDIA/SB NATION

  • Where do we now turn to get our Gay Pride outrage content from hockey writers?!

Amid the growing tide of layoffs from the likes of Google and Microsoft, lost in the reports is that Vox Media has also cut a significant portion of its staffers. This includes a significant amount from its SB Nation sports portal, and this has led to the complete erasure of at least one vertical in its lineup. It appears that the entirety of its NHL blog presence has been taken down as a result of the layoffs, meaning the writers who were consumed with canceling Flyers defenseman Ivan Provolov for not wearing a Pride jersey and avoiding hockey coverage can now continue avoiding hockey coverage.


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