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Using Strzok to Defend the FBI

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Presentation Paradox – MSNBC

  • Now, Chris, the point of referencing a character witness is to find someone in possession of character.

We appear to be locked in a battle of sorts on which entity can discredit itself more, the FBI or the journalism complex in this country. As both categories trade volleys in the competition, you get a concentrated dose of impacted thinking when there is crossover, such as when Chris Hayes attempts to defend the Bureau from the nefarious forces of those conservatives.

Hayes tries to be condescending in his defense attempt, except when he chooses perhaps the most glaringly biased individual to explain there is no political motivation in the FBI, the laughter as a response is inevitable.

News Avoidance Syndrome – THE NEW YORK TIMES

  • Let us recall, these are the same people who are going on strike for more money.

There is an uncomfortable story going around in news circles concerning the recently elected Republican George Santos. The New York Times released a report that aspects of Santos' background were fabricated, with many asking how the press missed these details prior to the election (and he may be insufficiently gay, to go along with this!). Making this more confounding is that the DCCC had sent out press releases on the matter back in September.

Well, here to explain the journalistic sloth is Times podcaster, Michael Barbero. See, it is the fault of the readers, and that is why journalists could not be bothered to do their job.

Legalized Press-titution – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • Just ignore how their actions defy your own hype.

News outlets were filled with excitement as the January 6 Committee released its final summation today. The coverage was concerned with the historic implications of the findings and how these details are not just impactful but needed in order to preserve our democracy, and so on…

Funny thing, though, for such a dire and deeply needed report, the committee did not seem to foster a sense of urgency. As the press insisted on how vital this J-6C conclusion is, the committee delayed its release because it was being upstaged by other news events like the Title 42 issue and then the visit from Volodymyr Zelensky. Just saying, it seems the historical impact of this report is deflated when the investigators were willing to step aside to allow for a foreign leader to come in and beg/demand more of a payout to him.


  • Usually, a paid escort generates gossip, not praise, Jenn.

Speaking of Zelensky, as he came to the Capitol for his "Hands Out Across America Tour," the press, as we noted yesterday, seem all aligned that this was a marvelous event. Jenn Rubin was among those heaping adoration, going so far as to cheer for Nancy Pelosi for what she had accomplished.

So we are celebrating "Pelosi getting Zelensky" now?! I suppose that is impressive, considering she had to pony up a $42 billion appearance fee first. There is also another way of describing the arrangement of having to pay someone in order for them to appear alongside you…

First Amendment Strike Force – MSNBC

  • Those not voluntarily engaged in compulsory behavior need to be punished.

Joining in on the Zelensky adoration was MSNBC's favorite unhinged historian Michael Beschloss. As he was swooning over the Ukraine president's panhandling, he noted something deeply disturbing. There was not 100% participation by members of Congress clapping for the man!

The precious part is his saying there is a "need" to learn who did not clap. I suppose impeachment proceedings will commence over insufficient applause engagement in the congressional chambers.

Gilded Reframe – WASHINGTON POST

The rewriting of Covid standards continues, as the WaPo has come out with some "new" information to help us thwart infections. The paper declares that exercise might be a great method of helping protect against infection. Making this all the more illuminating is that this really is not new information, just newly approved. Going back a couple of years ago, anyone making this very same suggestion found themselves coming under fire for delivering dangerous misinformation. Also, recall outlets that pushed to keep gyms closed and nodded approvingly when skateboard parks were filled in with sand. Outlets like the Washington Post.


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