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CNN in Twitter Denial

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Low Octane Gas Lighting – CNN

  • "The real truth behind Elon's documents is how this affects us!"

Well, how about that – CNN finally got around to covering the release of the "Twitter Files." In a panel discussion involving Oliver Darcy and Donie O’Sullivan, we get a glimpse into why the network was so reticent to report on the release. By all measures, it is because no one at CNN was involved in the release of the files!

It began with Poppy Harlow declaring it was apparently a slight that "Musk selected a handful of journalists unaffiliated with major credible news organizations." Ah, so petty jealousy was a contributing factor, we see.

Then as Darcy weighed in, he falsely states there was no proof of the government colluding with Twitter to spike the Hunter laptop story. (Um, Ollie? Try reading ALL the released files next time.) He also criticized Musk as acting like the gatekeeper of these files. Musk owns those files. He actually IS the gatekeeper.

Then he suggests that it was actually against free speech because they were not distributed to "real" news networks. As if releasing them on Twitter for the entire world to see was limiting free speech – we think…?

Pathological Media Amnesia – WASHINGTON POST

  • Paradox rises as Taylor Lorenz contradicts Taylor Lorenz and we have to decide which is wrong!

As we covered yesterday, Taylor Lorenz decided to join the media dogpile in criticizing Bari Weiss for daring to report with the "Twitter Files." She leveled a list of criticisms on Ms. Weiss that was a perfect description of Lorenz herself. As many people were commenting on Tay-Lo's own privileged upbringing, she responded by insisting that people were creating that backstory out of nothing. Except – the claim was based on her own words about her schooling.

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – SLATE

Kyrsten Sinema has long rankled Democrats and the press; more so now that she declared herself to be an independent. At Slate, writer Christina Cauterucci discovered that Arizona's newly liberated senator is engaged in an activity that countless other normal people do – she sells items on Facebook Marketplace.

If you are failing to grasp the import of such a report, do not feel bad; this lengthy piece never explains the point behind it all. While just about every member of Congress sells some type of branded product to raise money, this feels even less relevant.

It sounds like Cauterucci is being snarky about it, but considering she indulged the senator in making a purchase – and having Slate picking up the tab – she is actually encouraging the activity.

- "Nurturing a side hustle in clothing resale is uncommon among federal elected officials (as far as we know), but it is not prohibited by the relevant portions of the Senate ethics guidelines. There is nothing in the rulebook that would bar a senator from hawking vintage T-shirts on Depop or opening an Etsy store to unload old neckties. Senators must report any outside income they earn, and they cannot make more than a certain amount each year. But selling used items at a loss isn't income."

Legalized Press-titution – THE NEW YORK TIMES

As the year-end lists are rolling out, a trio of critics at The Times gave their best-of-picks for the year. James Poniewozik exposes his deep liberal side by declaring that among the best offerings on broadcast television was the – I swear, this is not a joke – the January 6 Committee hearings.

- "Deploying deft editing, story structure, graphics, suspense, social-media virality and, yes, a touch of showmanship, the hearings made a public service into the show of the summer and the most important TV of the year."

Both Kinds of Standards – CNN

One of the terms that is sure to set off the activist set is when anyone on social media uses the word "groomer." Invoking that term means you are transphobic, anti-LGBT+, or some other form of intolerant offender. Hold on, did we say "anyone" using it catches scorn?

It turns out that there is an exception, as actress Scarlett Johansson speaks of her younger years entering her career in Hollywood, and apparently she is not improper in her usage.


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