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Legalized Press-titution – WASHINGTON POST

Yes, we need to address Biden's speech from last night, but specifically, the fawning seen in the press. Much like a disparity seen on Rotten Tomatoes, when critics bury a movie that has 95% approval from the audience, last night we saw journalists falling over each other with praise, while the general public saw this speech for the disturbing attack screed that it was. 

One example was this synopsis from WaPo, where White House reporters Yasmeen Abutaleb and Marisa Ioti were very effusive, starting with them stating that Biden "explained" how MAGA Republicans were so repugnant. This will be a long entry picking their claims apart.

- "Biden on Thursday appeared to seek a balance between the lofty tones of a presidential address and the sharp, personal criticism of Republicans that many in his party believe is necessary."

(Appeared to seek, but he failed.)

- "Biden also suggested the upcoming election is a battle between those embracing American values and those trying to destroy them."

(All he did was suggest this; noting in the way of proof was delivered.)

- "White House officials stressed repeatedly that Biden's speech was not political, saying the defense of democracy is hardly a partisan topic."

(The lack of a critical challenge to this stressed claim is the tell here.)

- "While Biden did criticize Republicans, he made it clear he was only attacking what he called 'MAGA Republicans'"

(And this morning, he completely contradicted this comment, stating, "I don't consider any Trump supporter a threat to this country." TRANSLATION: The administration got some dire polling numbers for them to walk back this historic speech in about 12 hours.)

- "It's in our power. It's in our hands — yours and mine — to stop the assault on American democracy."

(The man who has had numerous policies which challenge our Constitution and democracy has opinions on the matter.)


One of the darkly comical aspects of last night's display was how bad the staging of the affair had been. Biden came off as a severe – almost sinister – leader at the helm. Social media was alight with all manner of descriptions and memes, and it was for this reason that CNN altered the tone of the lighting. 

While all other outlets ran the unaltered display, CNN manipulated its feed and gave Biden a softer magenta background, making him appear less dire at the podium and instead making it appear like he was the president of T-Mobile. 

Reporting on the (Cracked) Mirror – CNN

  • Let's go to the tote board and see who had John in the pool…

Another move was made over at CNN today. Last night, John Harwood was among those who were fully on board with President Biden's attack ad of a speech, stating blatantly the GOP was essentially corrupt. 

Now, it is tough to say if this was a camel's back delivery, but it was a classic dose of bias from Harwood, who has been an ardent Biden apologist and aggressive critic of the Republicans. In other words, his behavior was in direct conflict with the new management's desire to steer the network back to a more objective position. Well, Harwood has just announced that they are now to be considered his former management.

Prose & Contradiction – WASHINGTON POST

Jeff Stein is WaPo's White House economics reporter, which appears to mean he is tasked with making Biden's econ policies look good. He addressed the prospect of Biden's college debt forgiveness program going to the Supreme Court and spoke with an expert on the likelihood of that being struck down. Stein, in an effort to thwart this possibility, struggled to come up with a way of explaining why this would be bad. Keyword there - "struggled." 

Well now, the last thing we would want is people becoming angry! After all, even if the Court struck down the proposal, indicating a level of illegality, we would need to consider some people becoming aggravated!

More amusing, Stein came up with a case that illustrated his primary concern. 

So someone who managed to get a college degree but could only parlay that into a call center position should take precedence over the constitutionality of this maneuver. That is your position on the matter, Jeff. 

Pre-Written Field Reports – MISSISSIPPI FREE PRESS

  • Does race actually become a factor in eliding accountability?

The issue in Jackson, Mississippi, regarding its water crisis, is a serious concern. There has been some recent flooding in the area, and this has exacerbated a long-standing problem with the water treatment facilities in the city, to the extent that residents cannot drink any of the water. As supplies of bottled water are rushed in, there is, of course, vast interest from the media. But as stated, while this is a serious problem, there are those not approaching this in a serious fashion. As we reported here, one NBC News reporter declared this to be an issue of "environmental racism."

Following suit, local reporter Ashton Pittman also wants to declare this a case of racial inequity. 

Look, I am not seeking out a chance to knock a local reporter with a vested interest in a community in crisis. Yes, it is a serious issue, and when looking at a community roughly comprised of 80% POC residents, race issues are an easy step to take. 

But the local mayor has come out and pointed out that the city has put off needed maintenance work on the water facility for decades. The EPA was brought in recently, and those officials noted a list of actions that could and/or should have been undertaken to address the problem. Then, when wanting to accuse racism as a driving force behind the problem, you need to be asked how this is the case when the last Republican mayor was in 1989, and this is the current makeup of the key seats in town overlooking this problem.



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