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Gilded Reframe – DAILY BEAST

Last night, Seth Meyers continued the contemporary practice of late-night talk hosts resorting to political lectures as their variation on humor. The Daily Beast detailed how Meyers went after Tucker Carlson and Fox News in notable humor-free fashion in a 15-minute segment. Okay, sure – there were approving chuckles from the audience in portions where he indicated that he had delivered an amusing line. 

In one stretch that impressed writer Matt Willstein, we got this continued trope from Meyers.

- "On top of all that, Meyers said it's 'especially rich for Fox hosts to applaud employees standing up against vaccine or testing requirements when their own company has much stricter requirements.'"

One detail to deride the alleged mirth that Meyers and Daily Beast avoid – the reason behind Fox having those strict requirements are the local ordinances placed on businesses by the mayors of New York City and Washington, D.C. 

Both Kinds Of Standards – POLITICO

As we mentioned here yesterday, Pete Buttigieg recently adopted newborn twins back in August. But as the press failed to mention, Secretary Pete has actually been home all that time, on paid maternity leave. Many in the press are hailing the wonderful news that he was able to use the paternity leave act, something normally not available to male workers until they have been in place for one year.

Also underreported in the Politico piece is how Buttigieg has been gone and how it went largely unannounced, with no signified individual replacing him in that time as numerous crises unspooled which concerned his department. Let's just recall, when First Lady Melania Trump was not seen much in public following a medical procedure, it was the fodder for scandals in the media.

Presentation Paradox – THE NEW YORK TIMES

The attempt to keep churning the Dave Chappelle non-scandal is a desperate look, but the press cannot resist any culture story that appears to have a social construct controversy. Select groups are still enraged over the comedian's latest Netflix special because the option of not watching it is not enough. Meanwhile, Netflix executives are bothering them by stating they will not be taking any action. 

Better still is how that rage-inducing headline is completely compromised by the opening paragraph.

- "It was looking like a great year for Netflix. It surpassed 200 million subscribers, won 44 Emmys and gave the world' Squid Game,' a South Korean series that became a sensation."

And guess what? All of that is far superior in import to the company than a handful of cranks on social media barking about being offended by jokes. 

Stealth Story Evolution – WASHINGTON POST

The transformation of intolerance based on political parties will ever amaze. WaPo announces that Joe Biden will be reinstating the Trump-era "Remain In Mexico" immigration policy as his underreported border crisis continues to unravel. 

While Trump's institution of this policy is noted throughout their coverage of this story, one thing is notably missing.

Gone from the analysis is any mention of how this enforcement is racist, intolerant, hate-filled, or any other description that had been used in prior years to describe this policy toward immigrants. 

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – ROLLING STONE

The once-great music magazine has been struggling for significance for some time now, and not helping their cause has been the lurches made toward being a legitimate news source which has blown up in its masthead. Just last month, Rolling Stone was the source of the laughably debunked story of Ivermectin poisonings leading to hospitals overflowing. 

The magazine should just settle back and accept the truth – this is the kind of reporting they are better attuned to deliver. 


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