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Democrats Are Challenging Two Elections Results While Somehow Not Attacking Our Democracy

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AP Photo/Heather Ainsworth

It almost appears that the standards for accusing someone of threatening our democracy, challenging the integrity of the Constitution, and inciting treasonous behavior could possibly be fluid. After months of stern words from the press and clampdown efforts by social media titans towards anyone who dares to suggest election results were problematic, we now see a pair of candidates who are loudly complaining about the results in their elections.


Two things become quickly apparent; there is little outrage heard about these objections, and both of the obstinate candidates are Democrats.

In Iowa, a marginally tight Congressional race has been declared in favor of Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks. Her Democrat challenger, Rita Hart, has taken her case to the House of Representatives to have that body review the election and determine if action needs to be taken. The result of the race was razor-thin—Miller-Meeks won by just 6 votes. Hart, meanwhile, contends there is a district with nearly two dozen valid but uncounted votes that should be tabulated, giving her the victory. 

The argument from the legal team of Miller-Meeks is that Hart never took the proper course of first filing claims in their state courts, before moving onto the House.  Alan Ostergren, attorney for Miller-Meeks, stated “No amount of partisan spin can change the fact that the precedents of the House of Representatives require a contestant to first present her claims under state law.” A House committee will be formed to look into the results and make a determination.

Less close, but seemingly more intense, was the result seen in another House race, this one in New York. GOP candidate Claudia Tenney has defeated incumbent Anthony Brindisi. The 122-vote margin has led to intense efforts to see this result overturned. Brindisi has taken to the courts, something we have been told since November is offensive and a sign that there is an attempt to upset the natural order of our electoral system and threatens the core of our democracy.


Yet there is hardly a shrieking voice of opposition to be heard from the press. Brindisi has hired Marc Elias, a lawyer from the now infamous law firm Perkins Coie, which was deeply embedded in the Russian Collusion debacle when they hired Fusion GPS to kick off that effort. The firm was instrumental in getting election rules and laws altered for the 2020 vote, and have resorted to something that has been raged over as the apex of anti-American actions—claiming that voting machines have been the source of targeted errors.

A motion was filed last week to stall the confirmation of Tenney, for reasons we have been told are troubling and offensive. “In this case there is reason to believe that voting tabulation machines hundreds, if not thousands of valid votes and undervotes, and that these tabulation machine errors disproportionately affected Brindisi,” reads the filing made by Elias.

Amazingly, there were no blaring headlines and column inches dedicated to this treasonous behavior. On Friday, after three months of counting, recounting, and suits being filed, the courts ruled in favor of Tenney. Brindisi is continuing to contest this result. He repeatedly has questioned this result, with the use of what we have been told is disturbing language.

It has been with remarkable alacrity that we have spun away from outrage at those who dare to question election integrity to acceptance of bold and desperate challenges to the process. It would almost be suggesting that there are differing sets of standards, depending entirely on the party enacting these efforts to question the electoral activities.


In these two cases we have all the reasons for contempt: questioning results, suspecting vote counting methods, spinning conspiracies of voting machine chicanery, challenging existing voting laws, and even defying court decisions. Since November it has been declared that ALL of these actions are anti-ethical and a direct threat to our constitutional process. 

How is it that all of a sudden, legal fights and claims of machine count biases are no longer seditious and treasonous behavior? Take a look at who it is making these challenges, then check the party affiliation—that is the needed detail in determining whether this is a grave and evil threat to our nation, or a morally correct attempt at correcting an error in noble and angelic fashion.

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