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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Look, we knew going into things that a Biden election win would lead to a tectonic shift in the tone by the media, but this is becoming embarrassing. The surprise is not only how low they would stoop but how rapidly we have arrived at this stage. There are chapped lips already across the journalism gentry from all the throne-kissing taking place the past two months.


Over at Politico they have begun a new series to shed light on the incoming president-elect, because after half a century of public office this man is a complete cipher, is the assumption. Dubbed ‘’Bidenology,’’ this new series of pieces is delivered in the outlet’s newsletter, Politico Nightly, and it purports to, ‘’look at the President-elect and what to expect from his administration.’’

If you are expecting an exploration into the nuances of Biden’s plans and the arcane details of his proposed agenda, you shall be disappointed. However, If you are looking for giddy fluff pieces on par with the Bio stats seen on a Tiger Beat Magazine pinup poster well, America’s foremost political news outlet is just for you! Before delving into the specifics we first need a brief retrospective on one component of the Donald Trump years - his food controversies.

The gustatory contempt over Trump began during his campaign, when he ate from a taco shell bowl on Cinco De Mayo. The criticism over his food selections continued apace. He was scorned for putting ketchup on well done steaks, and CNN broke the case on his getting two scoops of ice cream while his staff had to contend with only a solitary dollop. There was outrage when he ordered malted milkshakes, he was being classist and racist for serving fast food to the Clemson football team -- he even was torched for the way he fed goldfish.


And we will not even mention Goya Foods, by this stage.

This brings us to Politico, and the Bidenology series. When first encountered this was considered to be an informative exploration, but this was instantly proven incorrect. ''Tonight - Politico's Myah Ward looks into Biden and his canine companions,'' went the teaser. Even sadder, the latest entry sees them delving shallowly into Joe’s eating regimen. It is...less than illuminating.

“He has very simple tastes in food,” said a former Biden staffer. The president-elect loves spaghetti Bolognese and is a big aficionado of other types of pasta with red sauce, with a person familiar with what he eats calling it a “mainstay.” A current Biden aide said the president-elect also loves chicken parm.

This is -- something. Politico felt it helpful to inform us that Joe’s palate is about as refined as an 8-year-old, with a preference for noodles and sauce. Not only is this information blander than his menu selection, but the need to have no fewer than three anonymous sources for this expose’ is beyond curious. Instead of stopping there, they continued with the fawning banality.

He likes ice cream! After two paragraphs exploring that revelation we get more of his preferences; cheese and pepperoni pizza, he had salad every day while VP, and he ate peanut butter sandwiches on the road. His favorite drink - orange Gatorade.


This is the grocery list you draw up when your visiting grandfather says, ‘’I can’t have anything spicy -- also I don’t want anything with too many flavors, and nothing too chewy.’’ Frankly, the Office Of The President-Elect should be embarrassed to have this menu get out, but who stands as being more embarrassing? 

The writers who drew this list up, the editors who approved the swooning coverage, and Politico for publishing this tripe. They seem content to go forward with this kind of shallow praise, feeling no shame about the egg on their face.

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