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Two Dead Cops and Only One Truly Important Question

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Last week during his six-hour crime spree, Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte fired his AR-15 assault rifle at point blank range toward two police officers, instantly leaving behind two widows and six fatherless children. Sacramento and Placer County Deputy Sheriffs Danny Oliver and Michael Davis were murdered by a twice-deported, convicted criminal, illegal alien gang member who lived, traveled and worked with relative ease for ten years throughout Arizona, Utah and California.


And now the media - those same activist journalists that champion for gutting immigration enforcement - are dumbfounded that this happened. They have a long list of detailed questions they hope will answer why. How it can possibly be that Monroy-Bracamonte was allowed to remain in the country? Who issued him a driver’s license? Why was there no check of his legal status during any of his ten misdemeanor traffic offenses? Who’s responsible?

In its investigative zeal, the media may discover piecemeal answers but the minutia will mask the real reason two cops are dead. Pinpointing a single event hoping to explain how a criminal alien can walk the streets is difficult, particularly in cases like this involving several states, multiple aliases and repeated encounters with law enforcement. Much like airline crashes in which investigators conclude the cause was a series of errors stemming from the negligence of those high in command, the same is true here. Monroy-Bracamonte murdered because no one was interested, nor allowed to be interested in, his immigration status. He skated through multiple local and state jurisdictions that were forced to follow a top-down example of non-enforcement set by an administration in Washington – one that has utter contempt for our nation’s immigration laws and for any locale that dares to enforce them.


President Obama has gutted immigration enforcement and used his Department of Justice to aggressively shut down any local effort to uphold the rule of law. The die has been set; a national culture of not enforcing our immigration laws at every level of government. And of course, in a climate where politicians don’t want to identify or deport aliens and/or can’t, and law enforcement is afraid to do their job because of legal recriminations by groups like the ACLU or Eric Holder at the DOJ, more planes will go down… more officers will be shot.

This week, Bob Woodward eulogized Washington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee saying that, “Ben was in search of the large truth, not just the facts.” That’s good advice for journalists wanting the “why” in the California murders. Deputies’ Danny Oliver and Michael Davis are dead and we won’t know the exact reasons – nor will we prevent future tragedies - by asking microscopic questions because that obscures the larger issue.

Illegal aliens know the truth and so did Monroy-Bracamonte; the feds won’t enforce our laws, the states can’t and it’s not getting done. Deputies Davis and Oliver knew the truth too but they valiantly did their jobs and on their last day of duty were shot in the face by a man who should have never been on the street.


That’s the truth and it leaves only one truly important question.

When will President Obama enforce the law?

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