Phony this, Mr. President: "I'll show you my son's grave."

Posted: Jul 30, 2013 12:01 AM

Barack Obama wants to change the subject.  He's tired of questions and congressional investigations into invasions of citizen's privacy, infringement of freedom of speech, and events that have left Americans dead without answers or accountability.

So, he dismisses a basket full of ongoing scandals as "phony."  Truth is now officially no longer necessary – or, maybe it is just "inconvenient" – from this President.  George "I cannot tell a lie" Washington and Honest Abe Lincoln can't be too happy about that.

Neither is the mother of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who was killed in December, 2010 with weapons allowed to "walk across" the Mexican border into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartel in a Justice Department approved operation known as Fast and Furious. 

"Mr. President, come to Michigan and I will show you my son's grave…then let's have a conversation about your definition of phony scandals," says Brian's mother, Josephine Terry who is still looking for answers. 

“These deaths are real. My son’s death was real. I am outraged that President Obama is talking about phony scandals when he knows all too well that my son was a victim of Operation Fast and Furious that was authorized by members of his Justice Department and a U.S. Attorney that he appointed. Operation Fast and Furious was all too real for me and my family, and it directly contributed to my son’s murder,” Agent Terry's mother said in a statement released shortly after Obama trivialized her son's killing by calling the search for the truth "phony."

More than ten months ago Ambassador Chris Stevens, diplomat Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were assassinated at the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya.  America still waits for answers such as why requests for increased security prior to the attack were denied, why Stevens was even in Benghazi that night, why pleas for back up during the assault were ignored and Americans left to perish, why has no one been able to talk to survivors, why a mostly unseen video was blamed for the attack for weeks instead of Islamic terrorism, and many more questions including the whereabouts of the President on the night of the attack and why the only answer from then Secretary of State Clinton is, "What difference does it make?"  

So we are left with the President who pledged the "most transparent and accountable Administration in history" now dismissing the search of the truth behind the murder of Americans in service to their country as "phony scandals."  In White House parlance that would be called a "pivot."

Kudos to Greta Van Susteren of Fox News for her dogged quest for answers and willingness to keep the search for answers alive.  In recent days, she aired the following two segments.  The first includes a video of Glen Doherty released with the consent of his family, and the second is an interview with Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith who was also killed in Benghazi with Doherty.  "I lost my son…all I want is the truth," she says repeating her numerous assertions that President Obama, Hillary Clinton and others have "lied to her face" about her son's death.