Florida: We Decide the White House

Posted: Jul 21, 2015 10:40 AM

As we draw closer to the 2016 primary and presidential elections, the nation’s eyes will be on the key, swing state of Florida. In nine of the last 10 presidential elections, Florida has voted for the overall winning candidate – making Florida the most influential swing state in the country.

The road to the White House goes through Florida, and our State Party is taking on the mission of strategically and tactically fighting for every vote across our state to ensure that we elect a Republican as the next president of the United States.

Winning Florida requires a lot of hard work and dedication to the task at hand. Turning our state red requires building a statewide operation with an aggressive grassroots army that will pave the way for the Republican nominee while simultaneously keeping Hillary Clinton and the Democrats accountable for their old, failed policies.

That is why we’ve started to build the essential technology infrastructure needed for digital outreach early on. Additionally, we are equipping our grassroots with the training and tools they need to be efficient and effective when engaging with potential voters.

By utilizing brand new initiatives, we are committed to engaging with Floridians about the Republican vision of a better future for all Americans – a future obtained through greater opportunity, economic growth, and individual empowerment.

We’ve watched Hillary Clinton and the Democrats continuously re-launch and revamp their strategy only to sweep past indiscretions under the rug. And while Hillary is hoping that voters have forgotten her numerous scandals, the Republican Party of Florida will always be here to remind voters that she does not possess the trustworthiness nor record required to be the next commander-in-chief.

Earlier this summer we began implementing our plan for 2016: Project 29. Our first objective is to strategically engage with all communities – Hispanics and African Americans, seniors and millennials, students and taxpayers – to talk about the issues facing our nation.

Our Party is going to be called on to do more than ever before. We are going to knock on more doors than ever before. We are going to make more phone calls than ever before.

We are reaching out to voters that may never have heard from us before. We are working with churches and faith leaders, local community leaders and organizations. Our grassroots teams is having one-on-one conversations about the future of our economy and discussing the concerns and ideas for the future of our country.

Florida will now be the first winner-take-all primary in the country, ensuring that all presidential campaigns will have to spend a considerable amount of time in our neighborhoods speaking to Floridians in Pensacola, Key West, and everywhere in-between. But while candidates must also campaign in other states, the Republican Party of Florida will be present and actively fighting for the votes of our residents.

With the launch of our new website, Florida.GOP, we are fulfilling our commitment to modernize the way we interact with voters across the state. As we prepare our path to victory in 2016 this new website provides a digital platform to empower volunteers with the tools they need to be effective.

Project 29 is the blueprint that will shape how our party operates during the 2016 elections, and it is my hope that these changes will make a lasting impression on our state and nation.

We now have a clear roadmap and if we work hard and spread our message I know we will be successful.

The Democratic Party believes that they are ready for Hillary Clinton, but I can promise them that they won’t be nearly as ready as we will. From having the most trained and aggressive grassroots operation in every community to building up the technology infrastructure needed for digital outreach, our party will be ready to play a key role on the national stage.

Florida will decide the next President of the United States, and our Party will ensure that America is placed in the RIGHT hands – the hands of a strong conservative leader.

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