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Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are failed tributes to a neocon policy that smacks of 1938. At that time German leader Adolph Hitler saw Austria, the Sudetenland, an area of Czechoslovakia, and Czechoslovakia itself as belonging to the Third Reich. Their national sovereignty, choice of leaders, religious views and simple day to day existence were irrelevant to the long term plans and goals of the Fuehrer.

The world initially stood aside as promises were made and deals were brokered.

“Peace in our time,” was declared by UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain waving the paper which contained Hitler’s promise. That paper has been memorialized as perhaps the worst “deal” in history. Donald Trump please  take note.

The peace I refer to was the total dismemberment of Europe’s shining light. Czechoslovakia was created after the First World War by the Versailles Treaty, much like the Middle East. It was designed to exhibit the best of the west, from Democratically elected leaders to total religious freedom. Recognizing, that just as countries can be created they can be destroyed, the officials negotiated mutual assistant pacts with France (in so doing also with England) and Russia. They were anti-Nazi, extremely well equipped with up to date guns, armor and planes as well as a strong fortification along the German Border.

Unfortunately what they didn’t have were allies that would live up to their mutual assistance agreement. Historians still disagree about Russia’s willingness to fight.

What is not in disagreement, however, is that had the Czech’s fought the battle at hand, they were strong enough to create concern for the German General staff, even without allied support, the future may have been dramatically different.

President Barrack Obama, with the prodding of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain, has made Syria his Czechoslovakian moment. Failure in the rest of the Middle East has not dissuaded him from attempting to repeat what Hitler did in 1938. Terrorism and the abuse of German (Syrian) nationals was the excuse then as it is now. Unlike Hitler, who used the threat of war, Obama and his gang have moved directly to rocket attacks, drone strikes, black ops, and the threat of no fly zones and boots on the ground, with “patriotic freedom fighters,” to stimulate an artificially contrived “civil war.” His goal, like Hitler’s, is total capitulation by the Syrian government. Then a hand selected western puppet will be installed to rule the remnants. The template has been used again and again through history, most recently in the Ukraine.

However a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. The Russians this time decided to heed the words of Edmund Burke who said, “those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Russian hesitation, in 1938, resulted in historic loss of property and life. They said “never again!”

This time the Russians came to the aid of their ally, stepped into the fray and brought the Nazi, yes Western Nazi, aggression to a halt. Now Obama and his group must decide whether Putin is Neville Chamberlain or Winston Churchill reincarnated, when it comes to their undisguised aggression.

My best guess is that this time the aggressors have found a world leader  who is not satisfied with appeasement and is willing to risk it all by adhering to the agreement with his ally.

“History never repeats itself but it often rhymes.           

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