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The latest establishment member to express the politically correct attitude and be concerned about the seriousness of Donald Trump is Japan.  So now it’s Japan that has a problem with the Donald.

I would like to state loud and clear to all concerned that Donald Trump, in and of himself, is no threat to Japan.  Likewise he is no threat to the Democratic Party or the Republican.  He is no threat to college students, illegal aliens, ISIS, nor any of a dozen groups that are starting to feel the heat.

Donald Trump may be a billionaire with bad hair, multiple divorces and bankruptcies, and the employer of thousands, but he is simply one man with one opinion and idea.  The danger to all these groups, countries, parties, and even individuals is that millions of people are starting to coalesce around the so-called outlandish positions of Donald Trump.  If these millions did not agree, then his shooting star would have flamed out long ago instead of getting brighter.

Japan devalues its currency, inflicts a negative interest rate policy and keeps launching salvo after salvo in the currency war.  In so doing crushes our manufacturing sector again and again.  Goodbye jobs and wages.  The politically correct smile and walk away.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars go to Iraq, wrapped in packages of 100’s and quickly disappear. Congresswoman Maxine Waters suggests that perhaps next time, next time, we should be more careful with our money.  The politically correct smile and walk away.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is not read by any Senator or Congressman (shades of Obamacare), but continues to move towards becoming the law of the land.  Carrier and Ford announce new plants and new hirings in Mexico, a small indication of the final stake in the heart of US manufacturing.  The politically correct smile and walk away.

The military aircraft manufacturer says the new bomber will cost $500 million until the accepted “cost overruns” cost the taxpayer an additional $200 million.  Of course the manufacturers’ Congressman just received a healthy campaign contribution to his PAC fund.  The politically correct smile and walk away.

The seventy five year old says ‘welcome to Wal-Mart’ as his savings continue to return 0 percent.  The elite say ‘of course I want my Chateaubriand medium rare,’ and for the old timer there is always the food stamp card.  The politically correct smile and walk away.

The college students feel threatened, disruptive and confrontational when anyone has an opinion different than theirs.  They require safe zones and want to rewrite the history of their universities.  They dictate that their in depth studies of “ethnic consciousness” (I have no clue what that is), as opposed to readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic, qualifies their voices to be heard above all others.  The politically correct smile and walk away.

A man flips the bird and screams obscenities at another’s wife and children.  The politically correct smile and walk away.

The Donald is fed up, as are millions of other Americans.  If he does become president it is because millions have wanted it so and under the Constitution true political correctness.  That is THE danger to the elite, the establishment, the parties, the college students, the groups and the countries that have all been sucking off the American mainstream. 

What Trump is saying is what most Americans are thinking and who will no longer smile and walk away to be politically correct.  The how is not important, only to the politically correct who smile and walk away.  But the what rings out loud and clear!

History dictates that when the town folk storm the Castle, with their pitchforks, it is usually very bad for those who are on the inside.  It will not be any different this time.  The irony is that the charge is being led by one who was so disregarded.

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