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The airwaves are heating up. There is anticipation in every quarter. The Conservative talk show hosts are agog with excitement.

Senator Ted Cruz is running for President. Next, it will be Rand Paul. What is a Tea Party member to do?


We know George, I mean Jeb, (a Bush by any other name) is building his war chest. Waiting in the wings is Walker, Christie, and even Rubio and Huckabee. Weighing their options (Don’t you just love that phrase?) is Perry, Jindal, Fiorina and Carson.

It’s the 2016 Presidential race and the starter just fired his gun.

Unfortunately for all of you media mavens, Presidential wannabees, and voters in general, the 2016 election is very much like the 2015 NCAA Basketball Championship. It is a foregone conclusion.

They call the tournament, the big dance. Unfortunately for those who are attending, there is only one Fred Astaire, and that is the University of Kentucky. (Full disclosure – I am a parent of an alumnus). Kentucky will end the season 40 – 0 and become National Champions.

The tournament is worth millions to schools, networks and even players, and of course, anything can happen, which is “Why they play the game”. But make no mistake, this conclusion was decided well before the season even started.

So too is the 2016 Presidential election.

Let’s be clear. My political leanings are as a Jeffersonian based fiscal conservative, a free market capitalist, a smattering of isolationism and a strong advocacy for a Swiss militia form of military.


These positions put me at opposite ends of who will be the next President of the United States. Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton will be your next President. The math is all in her favor.

Many will vehemently oppose this premise. Most of which are in the I hate Hillary camp. They will argue that it’s a long way until November 2016 and anything can happen. They won’t forget her baggage. They will proclaim Whitewater, Benghazi, foreign money, the foundation, emails, and even her marriage to Bill. She looks tired they say and she’ll be old if and when she takes office. All of which is irrelevant.

Do the math.

Let’s start with the Hillary fan club which is substantial. Next, move to the blacks, single mothers, Hispanics, all of whom will move from the disappointment of Barack, to the success of a prior Clinton. Centerists will be reminded of how William Jefferson came off the ledge to embrace the middle, and so too will Hillary. Students, bored with it all, will think it significant that someone is paying attention to them as the combination of the Clinton and Obama machines will do via social media. Women will see it as their time as it was for blacks in 2008. Anyone on the dole will be concerned that the government checks may stop coming without Hillary, or as they say, the devil you know is better ….well you know the rest.


Add it all up. Do the math. California, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida and perhaps even Texas, will give their electoral votes to former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State.

Whatever happens over the next 20 months regarding Mrs. Clinton will amount to SOUND AND FURY SIGNIFYING NOTHING. We all, including media, can argue, debate, even have fisticuffs, but the facts are conclusive.

Two champions will be crowned. One is the University of Kentucky and the other will be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

For a more expanded version of this piece including how Hillary deals with her baggage go to and tomorrow’s MacroProfit.

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