Weighing in on the President's Love

Posted: Feb 24, 2015 12:01 AM

The latest brouha comes from Rudy Giuliani’s comment he made last week that President Obama didn’t love America. Media attacks, political cold shoulders and even death threats have been the order of the day for the former New York City mayor.

Regardless of what it is in the President’s heart, known only to him, the real issue is the reaction of mainstream media to a citizen of the United States expressing his opinion.

James Madison, the Godfather of the Bill of Rights is, perhaps, rolling over in his grave as the mayor’s exercise of his first amendment right seems to have been trashed.

Through the years the Supreme Court has recognized various reasonable restrictions on one’s freedom of speech, “Crying Fire in a crowded theater” comes immediately to mind, however, the criticism of the government in general and its leaders in particular has always been a right afforded and encouraged by our Founding Fathers.

Does the President love this country? Of course he does.

People have become more and more governmental dependent and the total destruction of the middle class has become a certainty. Obama embarked on a campaign six years ago, and as Michelle Obama so eloquently stated, to not expand the pie but simply share your piece with others. What’s not for a socialist to love!

Spying and information gathering on the American people has reached a level of sophistication never before seen in history. A level that Stalin, Mao and Hitler could only have dreamt of. What’s not for a fascist to love!

Those are a few of my opinions. What I believe.

I’m allowed, as an American citizen, to express those opinions, through the airwaves, the pen and even in general conversation.

Rudy Giuliani did the same when he exercised his right to say he believed the President doesn’t love America. The President does the same daily as he puts forth and verbalizes his vision of America, totally contrary to mine and obviously Rudy’s.

Perhaps, however, we can all agree the freedom to have and disclose those opinions, no matter how much we disagree, is the bedrock of our Constitution. Perhaps we can’t.

Lincoln was called a baboon. Jackson was called a backwoodsman. FDR, a socialist. Nixon, a crook, Bush a nazi and Obama a –(________) all because under the First Amendment they could be.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH-the 1st (amendment) true love that all should have for America whether their name is Obama, Giuliani or Tatro.