It's Our Turn

Posted: Aug 21, 2014 12:01 AM

Over the past two years the Obama administration, through the skill and diplomacy of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, has seized the opportunity to make comments about the street protests in such places as Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and the Ukraine. They said they were monitoring events “very closely”.

This was usually followed by some high ranking elected government official (from Arizona) appearing on site declaring that the people must be heard.

In addition, rumor had it that the CIA, NSA and other alphabets of the US government were giving encouragement, strategy and even arms to the “freedom fighters”.

Events turned bloody which dictated a humanitarian outcry from the Obama administration. Demands of democracy had to be met according to our State Department. The President, Premier, Prime Minister or whatever his tag was responsible. Regardless of whether the leader was elected or not, he had to go. The gravy train with America was over. It was time for someone new.

How could we be so successful at turning over governments? Simple! Our military might and, perhaps more important, our checkbook. Being the reserve currency has its privileges.

However, as both weapons (guns and money) begin to wane and our leadership role in the world’s eyes dramatically diminishes, a curious thing is starting to happen. Many of the same countries that we disrupted have decided to turn the tables and focus their attention on the US specifically Fergusen, MO.

Egypt’s government has said “they are closely following the escalation of protests.”

Iran, our newest best friend, has declared Fergusen a sign of “racism”.

One Ukrainian was even heard to say that he couldn’t tell the difference between Fergusen and Kiev.

We may soon see an official from Tunisia showing up in the streets of Fergusen telling the rioters that they are supported by freedom loving Tunisians.

Libya could offer to make air drops of food and water.

Egypt could declare Missouri a no fly zone.

Of course, abandoned US defense weaponry could be provided to the freedom loving street fighters by the fast and furious Mexican crowd.

All of this would ultimately lead to the world’s call for the resignation of Barack Hussein Obama irrespective of his remaining two years in office.

Sound far fetched? Not really. It is the exact same template we have been using in country after country. For most it is incomprehensible and will label this scenario ridiculous. However, always remember the age old adage “what goes around comes around” and the first step seems to have been taken in Fergusen, MO.

Yes, the World is watching.