The Border Changes Everything

Posted: Aug 09, 2014 12:01 AM
The Border Changes Everything

When they were fighting in Syria to bring down Bashar al-Assad, The 44th proclaimed them dedicated and passionate freedom fighters. US Senator John McCain and his sidekick Lindsey Graham were dispatched, unofficially of course, to negotiate the much needed strategy, arms, ammunition and even technology to bring about the so called victory over despotism. However, something happened on the way to the forum. The Syrian regime did not roll over like those in Libya. In fact, aid was sent from Russia to counteract that which had been delivered by John and Lindsey. Stalemate to some degree.

I wrote a column several weeks ago about the dilemma faced by a US soldier in how to handle an Al Qaeda member depending upon which side of the border he was on, Syria or Iraq. One side being friend and the other foe. My emails were numerous about how that just couldn’t happen. There are clear distinctions and no one would ever put our “boys” in that position. Alas! The 44th dissolved the dilemma and clearly defined the situation for us all. The freedom fighters in Syria became the terrorists in Iraq when they crossed over the line. That, The 44th said, should be clear enough.

But isn’t ISIS the more extreme group? Aren’t they a special case? Isn’t it important to differentiate the degrees of Al Qaeda? Apparently not.

Syria-Freedom Fighter Iraq-Terrorist

So we bomb!

In the name of humanitarianism we are also dropping food and water to the suffering. Why? Because we have a vested interest. Our past 10 years say so.

Which creates a very interesting dilemma.

What do we do if Vladimir Putin takes the same tact in Eastern Ukraine where Russia also has an historic vested interest? What if he airlifts food, medical supplies and even water to those who are in dire need? What if he declares the unelected figurehead (US) Ukrainian government soldiers terrorists and starts bombing?

The actions by The 44th have opened up and whole new can of worms but of course by design (that discussion is for another time).

However, it certainly has clarified what the US soldier should do if he sees an Al Qaeda soldier on the Syrian side of the border-have a beer, on the Iraqi side-shoot him.

It is amazing how one little line in the sand can change a man or woman from a freedom fighting soldier to a blood thirsty terrorist.

Please explain and enlighten me on this situation if you can Senator McCain, Senator Graham an you too 44th?