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My Brother's Gunkeeper

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Mr. President, you and I disagree about almost everything. 

Over the past four years, I’ve utilized both the written and spoken word through radio broadcasts, columns, emails, and lectures in order to point out what I consider to be the tragic path that our country is currently traveling down, an ill-advised course that you have chosen and fully embrace. 


In some instances our differences of opinion are very minor, but in most cases the differences are extremely significant. 

Where there were positions you took that I agreed with (and that happened very rarely, I might add), I was quick to point that out or as Fox News would say “fair and balanced.” 

Indeed, I do not take my role in the fourth estate lightly. 

Recently, you spoke about your 23 executive orders regarding gun control, a highly charged issue that will foster great debate. 

I would just like to know if I fall under your proposal to “direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.” 

The written and spoken word is a very powerful weapon; does that make me a dangerous person? 

When most people were focusing on your executive orders, they were missing perhaps the most telling comment that you’ve made since you took office. 

You said, “we are all responsible for each other.” 

Mr. President, in communist collectives we are all responsible for each other and in socialist communes we are all responsible for each other. 

In the United States of America, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers; we are responsible to God, our country, our family, and ourselves and no one else


Therefore, if my neighbor has a string of bad luck and decides to do nothing about it, I can choose to help him, but he is not my responsibility. 

If a woman decides to take advantage of the system by having several children, I can empathize, I can educate, but she is not my responsibility. 

While being encouraged to do so by our elected officials, corporations that play fast and loose with the laws and then subsequently fail and collapse, their sustainment is not my responsibility. 

Mr. President, you use these words: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Contrary to what you believe, the Founding Fathers did not guarantee success or happiness; they guaranteed the ability to pursue it. 

I am not my brother’s keeper.            

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