Thankful for Hamas

Posted: Nov 21, 2012 12:01 AM

Once again, it’s that time of the year, an occasion when I sit down and make two lists.  The first list, but not necessarily the most important, is a list for Santa Claus. 

By doing it this early, it gives him or his elves an opportunity to acquire those hard-to-find gifts.  The second list is my “thankful” list. 

The Christmas wish list is private, of course.  However, I will gladly share my “thankful” list with the entire world. 

First, I’m very thankful that after thousands of years of hatred, Hamas and the Jews have decided to call a truce. 

Since more than likely the head of the Muslim Brotherhood (oops, excuse me, I should have said duly elected President of Egypt) has shown the current Hamas leadership the errors of their ways, any thought about Hamas having time to re-arm has obviously not entered my thought process. 

I wonder when the Arabs and the Jews will have their Thanksgiving meal together. 

The fact that oil prices have plunged and gas prices should be cheaper will not be considered on my “thankful” list, since it’s simply a byproduct of the reputed reconciliation. 

Second on my list is the sellout…ahh, I mean “changing of the mind” by South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in regards to raising taxes. 

I was beginning to think that a new breed of politician was emerging from the last election, someone who would keep their word. 

I’m so appreciative that the down home southern boy can still say “ain’t” and give his thoughts just like blowin’ in the wind. 

It certainly endears him to all the Sunday morning talk shows and makes for consistent television face time. 

It also takes the pressure off Republican House Speaker John Boehner from having to reiterate his early days living above his dad’s bar along with his tearful acknowledgements about bipartisanship for the good of the nation. 

I also wonder when Lindsey, John, Barack, and Nancy will have their Thanksgiving dinner together. 

Nevertheless, the fact that most financial markets have responded to all these comments with energetic enthusiasm has not even entered my thoughts of thankfulness. 

Finally, I’m so very grateful that our Founding Fathers are not alive to witness the current lack of leadership of both political parties, the country’s dismal direction, and the general public’s unconcerned response. 

If the Fathers were, in fact, alive today, they all may have wondered why they sacrificed so much to put their names on a document that says “a prince whose character is thus unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”