Either Way Result is New Government

Posted: Nov 07, 2012 12:01 AM

Writing an election prediction column to be posted the day after the vote is always dangerous.  On one hand, it could be deadly accurate which would lead readers to wonder, how did he know?  Did he have that much insight? 

He must really be a smart guy, from now on; we’ll hang on his every word, lucky us. 

However, as I write this article, any projection made now could be way off base. 

In that case the readers might think, why should I read this guy?  Hasn’t he been watching what’s going on? 

What a moron, I’m not reading him again. 

Even though it’s extremely dangerous to make predictions, everyone from Jim Cramer (landslide for Obama) to Dennis Gartman (landslide for Romney) will wave the flag with their crystal ball expectations. 

Therefore, knowing the risk of a prognostication announcement, my forecast goes further than who will win or lose the US. presidential election, it goes to the heart of what the next president will be facing. 

I predict that the vote will be so close, that a new government will need to be formed. 

I foresee that because of the vote, the additional monies needed to pay for basic services will continue to be held back. 

I also predict the further collapse of the housing market, a dramatic increase in consumer debt, and that an overwhelming sense of hopelessness will permeate the country. 

However, the prognosis I’m referring to is not about the vote for the U.S. presidency, or who controls the House and the Senate. 

Rather, the vote I’m talking about and the predictions I’m making involve the transpiring situation in the parliament of Greece, with a cliffhanger expected on Wednesday (11/7). 

In America, it will be an opportunity for the rebirth of capitalism.  Or, it will be the continuation and acceleration of socialism, the people will certainly decide. 

In Greece, it will be a vote regarding the destruction of an entire civilization for the perpetuation of an elite few. 

Either way, the vote in Greece will result in chaos, nationalism, and the rise of self-preservation.  In fact, much of what the people of Greece are currently experiencing has recently been felt by the citizens of New Jersey following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. 

The loss of electricity, fuel shortages, clothing deficiencies, and even a lack of shelter are everyday occurrences for the Greeks.

 Yet, these destructive conditions that have affected the Grecians are not a result of Mother Nature, but a consequence of man-made policies, the very same strategies that our current administration has fostered and abused. 

Prediction: regardless of who wins the U.S. presidential election, we’re headed toward the same dark hole as Greece; they’ve just gotten there sooner, and that’s one Election Day prediction I feel right in making.

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