Joe Biden is Back

Posted: Aug 20, 2012 12:01 AM

I was just about to file a missing persons report on Joe Biden, yet I always knew that it’s fairly customary for the Vice President to assume the role of “seen but not heard,” almost like raising children decades ago. 

However, in the past year, it seems that old Joe has been persona non grata much more than usual. 

Perhaps the administrative “powers that be” came to the realization that attacking Mitt Romney’s hedge fund activities may circle around and bite them because of the Wall Street involvement of Joe Biden’s son. 

It also may surface for discussion how Delaware (as Senator, Biden served from 1973 to 2009) has become the asbestos lawsuit capital of the world. 

Yes, very interesting discussions for Biden, of which he wants no part. 

So, just as I was about to make a request for the St. Bernard with the brandy keg and launch an all-out Vice Presidential rescue, I tuned into mainstream media and guess who has surfaced to do battle? 

None other than the missing VP himself. 

I really should phrase that better since Biden has always been there for photos opportunities, but never to take questions or to make statements. 

Nevertheless, don’t forget about the upcoming debates. 

Not long ago, everyone was salivating to see a debate between Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich. 

The assumption was that Gingrich would clean the floor with Obama, however, since that contest has been relegated to the dust bin, I believe we will witness the next best thing: the rumble between Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan. 

Without a doubt, Paul Ryan has always been the master of both details and facts when it comes to finance and the budget, while Joe Biden is the expert of “us against them.” 

In 2008, when Biden squared off against Sarah Palin, the unofficial winner was announced as Palin. 

However, the media simply dismissed Biden’s performance as an “off day for wily Senator.” 

This time, however, no excuses will be accepted.  Joe will need to defend his administration’s record.  But will he? 

As Biden emerged from his Rip Van Winkle sleep of the past year, he has unleashed a tirade of “rich and poor,” “have and have-nots,” and “us against them.” 

Same old Joe. 

It seems he is setting the groundwork for the strategy that was successfully implemented by FDR in his re-election campaign of 1936. 

Without question, it should be a very interesting next few months as the administration has awakened a strategy from decades ago to be delivered by a Vice President who just got out of bed. 

I think I’ll forget about the missing persons report, keep the dog, and drink the brandy myself. 

Indeed, Joe is back.