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Obama recently claimed, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of America since its founding.” This is both true and false.

It is true in the sense that Islam posed a threat to America’s early existence. The North African Islamic Barbary Pirates proved to be a significant impetus towards uniting a divided colonial delegation to sign the Constitution and strengthen their Navy and Marine Corps.


The early Americans knew full well world history, which meant they were well aware that their new enemy had been invading the West since the 7th Century.

The Barbary Pirates had been attacking the West since the 13th Century and began attacking American ships after the War of Independence. Algerian Dey Muhammad declared war on the United States, creating a catalyst for two separate wars America fought against Tripoli (1801-1805) and Algiers (1815-1816).

In fact, their threat was so great that delegates to the newly formed American government urged their states to ratify the U.S. Constitution. They believed their survival depended on a strong federal union and a strong Navy to protect them from the Algerians.

In The Federalist No. 24, Alexander Hamilton asserted without a “federal navy . . . of respectable weight . . . the genius of American Merchants and Navigators would be stifled and lost.” Likewise, John Jay, in his letters, wrote, “Algerian Corsairs and the Pirates of Tunis and Tripoli” would compel the feeble American states to unite, since “the more we are ill-treated abroad the more we shall unite and consolidate at home.”

Conflict between America and Islam is centuries old. “From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, We fight our country’s battles, In the air, on land, and sea;” U.S. Marines fought Muslims at great human cost. No one can forget the bravery of Marine Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon who famously, tragically, and fearlessly led Marines and mercenaries up the Nile River and across miles of desert to capture the Tripolitan port of Derna.


Nor can one forget that the ongoing conflict resulting from the Ottoman Empire’s demise continues throughout the Balkan, Crimean, Chechen, and Ukrainian regions. Centuries of strife that spanned three continents and caused the Great War and its tragic aftermath appear endless.

Obama’s claim is false if he suggests in any way that Muslims have positively contributed to American culture or history. Such a claim is historically false in its entirety, but also evidences taqqiya, Qur’an instructed deceit.

His claim also contradicts the blatantly obvious truth that no one appears to discuss.

What historians, the media, and political pundits fail to acknowledge is that Barack Hussein Obama’s ancestral legacy is rooted in the Arab African slave trade that would have been very much involved in the Barbary campaign against the West. The very enemies against which early Americans fought.

Obama’s father and father’s ancestors lived in the East African Arabic slave-trading region. Anthropologists point to cultural, mythological, historical and geographical traits to identify the meaning of names. Within the Arabic African lineage, the meaning of Barack Obama’s name is rooted in the violence of Islam.

“Barack” means “Allah’s blessing” and is the name of the winged creature that brought the Muslim prophet Muhammad to Paradise in a journey.


“Hussein” was not only Muhammad’s grandson’s name, but it indicates the status of Arab African traders and entrepreneurs who sold non-Muslims as slaves. “Obama” in Swahili means “lion” and “Osama,” which was the name of one of Muhammad’s key warriors.

Obama’s Arabic African heritage is inextricably linked to Islam, which is inextricably linked to slavery. (Muhammad’s institutionalization of slavery of non-Muslims is described inSira of Ibn Ishaqas well as other historical documents.)

The non-African and non-Arab slave traders who bought people from Muslim wholesalers for 200 years represent a mere blip in the 1400-year legacy of Islamic slave trade— a slave trade that continues today.

Yes, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of America since its founding”—as an early threat to its existence. And Islam remains as perhaps the greatest threat to America’s survival. The only difference today, is that sadly many Americans do not know, understand, and value their history and in most aspects do not resemble their 18thCentury ancestors who were united against a visible enemy.

Too many Americans willfully choose to be ignorant. They refuse to demand their government protect them from threats both foreign and domestic, including removing Jihad training camps from American soil and removing a member of the Muslim Brotherhood from the White House and his colleagues who fund America’s enemies. 18th Century Americans responded with great sacrifice to the cry, “The British are Coming, The British Are Coming!”


Today, however, Americans who redefine the cry issued by “moderates” as “peaceful,” “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!” do so to their detriment, enabling imminent and inevitable destruction to their country.

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