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On Monday, President Obama spoke about his new strategy to take on the terrorist entity Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In doing so, he explained that the battle against that terrorist group -- a group he had once termed "JV" -- would amount to a "generational struggle." Why would defeating a ragtag army of primitives take generations? Because, Obama explained, "This is not simply a military effort. Ideologies are not defeated by guns. They're defeated with better ideas." To cap off this airsickness bag of gobbledygook, Obama then concluded, "We will never be at war with Islam."


So let's get this straight. A group Obama said he would degrade and destroy can only be degraded and destroyed with ideas. Its own ideologies -- its animating force, according to Obama -- have nothing to do with Islam. The cretinism here resembles a perfect Jenga tower of fatuity: Remove one phrase, and the whole structure tumbles

Americans should gawk at the sheer wonder of Obama's applesauce here. Obama's bad acid trip bumper sticker foreign policy -- "Better Ideas Beat Bad Ideologies" over a Grateful Dead peace symbol -- reeks of third grade oral presentations. It takes more than great ideas to beat ideologies -- it takes heavy weaponry. The victims of the Holocaust didn't sit around thinking to themselves, "Golly, if only we'd been able to come up with a better idea than Nazism, that Hitler sure would have stopped all this nonsense." America didn't end World War II by dropping informational leaflets. We dropped warning leaflets, then bombs. Large ones. Atomic ones. No armed ideologues in history have been defeated solely by better ideas -- at least not before decades of murder, repression and evil.

So what did Obama actually mean? It simply lacks credibility to read the president's comments at face value: No sentient human being could be this dull. He meant that ideologies aren't defeated by American guns, because American guns are backed by American ideas. And American ideas are by nature bad, evil, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, centophobic, and, presumably, arachnophobic. Sure, American ideas backed with guns won World War II -- but hey, pretty much any ideas backed with guns would have defeated Nazism, amirite? (Well, except for the ideas of the British, the French, the Czechs, the Polish...)


When it comes to fighting the ideology of ISIS, however, Obama finds Americanism insufficient, since Americanism creates ISIS ideology through Islamophobia. That's why Americans with guns can't defeat ISIS, says Obama: Americans with guns create ISIS. Only internationalism can win the day!

So far, that internationalism has been a massive failure. Of course, internationalism is always a massive failure, because it isn't an idea, any more than "diplomacy" is an idea. Both are tools, to be used by those who actually have something to say, something to fight for. But President Obama despises traditional Americans who have something to say or fight for. They are the problem. He is the cure. And he would rather disarm those Americans and their rotten ideas than let them loose with guns against those who slaughter babies.

None of this should be surprising from President Obama. He's been clear about his anti-Americanism since "Dreams From My Father"; in that masterwork of falsely nuanced detritus, Obama lambasted the "powerful" for their "dull complacency and ... steady, unthinking application of force, of ... more sophisticated military hardware."

Give Obama this: He didn't lie to us. 66 million Americans blinded themselves to his ideology, proving conclusively that bad ideologies are not always defeated by better ideas. Sadly, Obama's own rotten-to-the-core ideology continues to win victories, and the world continues to lose because of it.


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