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Passion Week is January Bible Study focus

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NASHVILLE (BP) -- The focus of the 2013 January Bible Study from LifeWay Christian Resources centers on what is known as Passion Week -- the final days Jesus Christ spent on earth.

"Every year more and more churches discover January Bible Study as a great way to start the year, bringing the entire church together around one biblical topic," said Dwayne McCrary, LifeWay's team leader for the January Bible Study.

McCrary pointed out that in spite of the name, churches use JBS throughout the year in a variety of Bible study contexts. The 2013 study is titled, "Greatest Week in History: Luke's Account of the Passion Week."

While JBS has featured several studies from the Gospels through the years, this study will be the first in JBS' 66-year history it has focused on Jesus Christ's final week on earth, McCrary said.

"There have been many significant events that marked time in our collective history," McCrary said. "But the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, and the preceding week, mark all of history for eternity. Those seven days serve as the foundation for both the character and substance of Christianity.

"The purpose of this study is to call people back to the cross and the events leading up to His resurrection," McCrary said.

The seven-session adult Bible study provides commentary and interactive activities designed for adults to gain insight into the passages being examined.

With the study material, LifeWay offers free online administrative help to give leaders assistance in planning and promotion, a sermon guide and promotional posters.

Additionally, a new feature for the 2013 JBS is an eLeader option.


"This is a PDF portfolio that offers everything in one download," McCrary said. "Everything that is on the leader's CD is available as a PDF package along with an ePub version of the leader guide."

The learner guide material for the 2013 JBS was written by Rob Futral, pastor at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, Miss. Timothy Paul Jones, associate professor of leadership and church ministry at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., wrote the expositor's notes and John McClendon, founder of the 4:12 Network, wrote the teaching plans.

"When a whole church can have a shared experience such as January Bible Study, it's a great thing," McCrary said. "Hearing the same story and learning the same lesson from Scripture can bring a congregation to share the same heart."

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