Ain’t I A Woman?: Feminism Unleashed

Posted: Oct 03, 2014 11:15 AM

This week we have seen feminism in all its liberal glory. Lena Dunham gave us her take on why young women should be civically engaged, Jessa Duggar was attacked for her pro-life views, and the women of The View attacked Sarah Palin—again!

How is it that feminists can scream about equality and empowerment when they are so quick to tear down strong conservative women with views different than their own?

Merriam Webster defines feminism as: “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of political, social, and economic equality to men.” When did the so-called “feminist” movement turn into a bashing of conservative beliefs and a rejection of the women who believe in them?

Lena Dunham has become the new Sandra Fluke—a face for the liberal feminist agenda. She believes by telling young women to make decisions based on our “lady parts” she is somehow empowering us. Wrong! By minimizing women to just our “lady parts” we will never achieve empowerment or equality. We should celebrate our femininity, not see it as a hindrance to our success.

This new feminism completely divides women. For a movement that claims to be pro-woman, shouldn’t it empower us all? The reason is simple; there is no room for pro-life, conservative women in this new sect of feminism. Liberal women often tell conservative women that we are not in fact “women.” Quite perplexing.

Just this spring we saw a Feminist Studies professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara attack a female student because of her pro-life views. This type of behavior is just not acceptable and should be denounced by so-called “tolerant” feminists everywhere. If these feminists truly seek to empower women, there is no room for intolerance or violence against other women.

Gossip rags such as Cosmopolitan think it’s acceptable and cool to attack conservative women—in fact; they make a habit of it. But this week, they stooped to a new low and attacked Jessa Duggar for her pro-life views simply because they cannot understand how a woman could ever be pro-life. Along with their focus on physical beauty and “man pleasing” they have also made it their mission to advocate for liberal policies. This summer Cosmopolitan launched initiatives supporting and advocating for criteria focused around pro-choice, pro-birth control coverage, and equal pay policies. Clearly there is no room for conservative women because our views would be “deal-breakers” to them.

It is no secret that the media marginalizes conservative women. This week, The View attacked Governor Palin, she has not been the only one to be the brunt of liberal jokes though. I suppose if conservative women are the targets of liberal talk shows we must be doing something right. But we must look at the larger picture, for a movement that claims to be “tolerant” and “inclusive” why are conservative women left out?

It seems to me that conservative women seek to truly empower women through their ideas. We affirm life, we affirm family, we affirm civic engagement, we affirm freedom, and we affirm faith. The difference between conservative and liberal women is this; we believe the government should play a limited role in our lives. Liberal feminists stand outside the Supreme Court with signs reading “Government stay out of my bedroom” yet they demand that the government pay for their birth control and abortion services. Oh, the irony!

Maybe one day liberal feminists pushing their agenda will make room for ALL women under their tent, but until then conservative women will continue to advocate for policies that truly empower and educate women.