Lady Thatcher—Remembering Her Courage and Conviction

Posted: Apr 08, 2014 11:35 AM
Lady Thatcher—Remembering Her Courage and Conviction

Today marks one year since the passing of the Iron Lady—Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher is best known for her strong conviction and influential international leadership.

Thatcher’s legacy is one that should be passed down to every generation especially to young conservatives who wish to make a difference in America and see the advancement of a free society. She’s a tremendous example because of her courage—she was never afraid to speak up for her principles or her beliefs, she never backed down. When she launched her revolution she constantly faced adversity from the media where she was mocked and ridiculed. Eventually her persistence paid off and it was clear to the British people that she had a deep understanding of the true heart of the British nation.

One of Thatcher’s most admirable qualities was that she kept the interests of the British people at heart; she never acted out of personal interest. Today it is rare to find a leader who puts the interests of their constituents above their own interests.

Her most defining quality was decisiveness; she knew what she believed in and was never afraid to implement the right decisions for her country. Contrast this to President Obama who appears weak and feeble in his decision making, especially when it comes to foreign policy. It seems as though more and more of our policy makers need focus groups to tell them what to do rather than making their own decisions.

Most importantly, Thatcher was a deeply patriotic woman. One of her most famous quotes was, “Constitutions have to be written on hearts, not just paper.” She truly embodied that quote and lived for her country as well as for the sake of the British people. Her deep love for her country can be seen in every decision that she made. She truly believed in American exceptionalism as well and saw her role as standing with the United States on the world stage. Thatcher’s personal and professional partnership with President Reagan proved that she had endless faith in America’s leadership. She made it known to the world that Britain would stand with the United States even if she was vilified for doing so—believing that loyalty stood above all else.

Lady Thatcher was truly an exceptional woman—one of unshakeable faith, courage, and conviction. She had the ability to lead and made some very historic decisions based upon her love for her country. The strong leadership qualities that she possessed need to be emulated and reflected on by our current officeholders and policy makers today.