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The shutdown has been shut down for now. President Trump agreed to a three-week cease-fire with Congress. Is Trump getting rolled, or is he on a roll?

Honestly, I wish he had maintained the shutdown until Democrats felt the heat and started seeing the light. Of course, I am not one of the 800,000 furloughed federal employees. It’s not fun not to take in a paycheck, to wonder how you are going to pay the rent. I have worked without getting paid in the past. At first, I was tempted to quit right away. Fortunately, I held my peace and backpay came my way. I am sure well-meaning people who work for the Feds are glad that they can be fed and feed their families.


Still, the federal government employs too many people. A cursory list of the furloughed federal workers from US Senator Pat Leahy reveals 3,600 weather forecasters. I can watch Fake News to get the real scoop on the weather. How about laying off the 52,000 IRS employees and abolishing the federal income tax, too? They’ve been on everyone else’s phones and monitoring their emails. It’s time for them to get real jobs and stop living off our tax dollars (literally and figuratively).

Last week, libertarian conservative John Stossel showcased the power of the people, the individual American citizens who picked up their own trash (and other people’s). The TSA should be privatized ASAP. Better yet, why even have them, since some studies suggest that their invasive searches into our luggage—and our bodies—is not that effective. Israel has two walls, but they don’t have their own version of the TSA. Can we switch with them?

For now I will agree with Kurt Schlichter and see the bright side of the three-week funding furlough. President Trump’s stop-gap arrangement is a hudna, a cease-fire to prepare for the next fight. The next fight, though, will be more than more budgeting, haranguing, and sausage-making. Democrats are dug in, and so are Republicans. In fact, for the first two years of his Presidency, Republicans in Congress have been just as committed to non-committal immigration enforcement with a full commitment to some form of amnesty. We the People want the immigration laws enforced. We want to the border barrier, fence, wall, moat etc. constructed, followed by a crackdown on VISA overstays. Wouldn’t it be nice if both sides of the aisle were on our side in some way, or at least they would vote for the right things, even if for the wrong reasons?


I really believe that the phone calls, emails, lobbying, and the raging in Democratic town halls were working. For the past week, Democrats (especially freshmen in the House of Representatives) were already breaking away from Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When even Maryland’s senior US Senator signals support for a wall, when even newly-elected progressive Congressmen from California indicate that they will vote for money for the border, it’s clear that the ire of the voters is getting heard, and the liberal hordes in Washington are getting the message. I even attended a town hall hosted by uber-liberal Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Valley Village). He acknowledged the need to stop VISA overstays and the need to implement E-Verify. He still opposes the wall, though (but you can be sure he feels safe behind the gates of his overpriced gated community).

Of course, all of this is talk if one more dollar is not committed to expanding and upgrading the border wall, and I fear that this will be the outcome after three weeks of kabuki theater-like negotiations. Pelosi has held firm that she will not allow President Trump to deliver his State of the Union address, too. Last time I checked, Congresswoman Tlaib still wants to “Impeach the Mother—cker”, even if she regrets saying as much (out loud to the public).

The Democratic Party is not interested in the voters, the will of the people by and large. The corporate and progressive activist base want blood, not compromises. They want a borderless, genderless, meaningless America, and Democratic lawmakers must obey their baying for anarchy.


Dinesh D’Souza has signaled the real problem—and the only solution available. Just as the Ante-Bellum Democratic Party refused to give up their slaves, since their power and money depended on stealing from those who work to finance those who don’t; so too Democrats today depend on Big Business, Big Labor, and Big La Raza for their power. They have no interest in securing the border, in stopping the flow of mass migration, legal and illegal. At this point, they are too deep in bed with globalism, socialism, and unremitting anarchism. It’s going to take force of power for Trump to get his wall.

The Democratic Party is not going to sign off on any compromise which will undermine their future. President Trump needs to get work and realize that there is no “Art of the Deal” to fix this Washington crisis. Abraham Lincoln didn’t make a deal with Democrats during the Civil War. They either had to accept the results of Election 1860 or leave the country. Besides, he had compromised during his first campaign, stating that he would not abolish slavery, but stop its spread to further territories.

President Trump has compromised enough. On security of our nation there can be no compromise. Lincoln broke the law by directly appropriating funds from the United States Treasury to ready the Union army. The tens of thousands of Latin American migrants marching toward and crowding around our Southern Border is a national emergency. President Trump, build that wall! Declare a national emergency, and spare no expense to secure the homeland!


Will there be another shut down on the horizon? Hopefully. Shut down the borders, and if Democrats won’t budge to budget the wall, Trump should just order its construction, ignore the ceaseless parade of left-wing litigation, and if necessary, let the non-essential federal departments waste away for lack of funding.

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