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Social media has become the boon and the bane of our political culture. Conservatives have a new, profound voice to go around and take down the media like never before. Overcoming the liberal chokehold of the liberal mainstream media, we the conservatives, the constitutionalists, the consistent libertarians are punching away at the stale, imposing media narrative. We got tired of hearing how great Barack Obama was, especially when Breitbart, Townhall.com, and the rest reported how untrue the narrative turned out to be.


Besides, when illegal aliens have taken your job or killed your kid, there is no amount of media-driven propaganda that can regain your trust or assure your confidence in the liberal talking points.

Social media’s bane has become more prominent, too, and in ways that I had never expected. First, let me address the rising Anti-Semitism. I frequently post pro-Israel statements on my media profiles. I do not apologize for being a Zionist, and a vocal supporter of the only stable democracy in the Middle East. Enduring the Obama Administration, I wished that Benjamin Netanyahu were my president. Fortunately, President Trump has forged a renewed, stronger relationship with Israel.

Today, social media explodes with anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist hate more frequently than I care to admit. One of my tweets about Israel induced a unique firestorm of anti-Zionist hate. The hate I have witnessed on social media against Jews is pretty appalling. At Politicon 2017, Ben Shapiro had to address this disconcerting trend. At least we could talk about it, but the hatred of Jews and the attacks on Israel are getting heated and more prevalent. Why? Anonymity and efficiency to spread one’s message could not be easier because of social media. Should we block it? In my opinion, no. The best defense to false or inflammatory speech is … more speech.


Which brings me to the other threat looming over media: censorship. Twice in one week I have been blocked from posting on my Facebook profile. What?! What’s worse, Latinos for Trump like Harim Uzziel and Robert “Latino Heat” Herrera have been routinely blocked from posting their Facebook Live videos, articles, and other daily observations. Why? Illegals and their “law-abiding” amnesty-pandering supporters were reporting their posts, then getting them blocked. Latinos who support Trump detonate the left-wing narrative that opposition to illegal immigration is racist. Uzziel, an outspoken and outstanding Latino for Trump in LA, California, and perhaps even the country--is also Jewish, and proudly so. Are these attacks anti-Semitic, too?

The same censorship applies to Islam. Pamela Geller’s Facebook page was shut down, then brought back following a large outcry. On the other hand, a close friend of mine—another Latina for Trump in Los Angeles--reported a Facebook page whose title read as follows: Mexican Pride Group: Kill All White People. The response she received from Facebook? The Community Standards review determined that there was nothing wrong. Really. If you don’t believe me, read the attached photo (see above).

This ongoing censorship and repression of different points of view is not new, but only now is the growing, effective conservative movement taking note and fighting back. First Twitter came for Charles Johnson of GotNews.com. Then they took down Milo’s verified blue checkmark. Then Milo’s Twitter feed was suspended for good over a media battle discussing the crappy feminist version of “The Ghostbusters.” A meandering movie that got poor ticket sales and no reviews led to Free Speech provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos’ Twitter-demise.


And it has gotten worse. Hunter Avallone of Maryland, a post-Millennial taking on the liberal-progressive Pharisees of our day, lost his Twitter handle, too. Paul Joseph Watson, Dennis Prager, and others have reported the subtle censorship of their YouTube videos. Watson’s latest report outlines YouTube’s officious oversight with the left-wing Anti-Defamation League, which has deemed Pepe the Frog an anti-Semitic symbol.

Have we forgotten the leading conservative media lights who met with Facebook leaders to confront their media bias? The conservatives approached the meeting with intentions of negotiating some standard of fairness. So much for that approach. Now social media censorship has gotten dangerously close to home. For the past month and a half, I’ve worked freelance as a guerrilla journalist with Joshua Caplan through Vessel News. I’ve gone places with Facebook Live, exposing illegal alien town halls hosted by our own federal officials, including Congressman Lou Correa of Santa Ana, CA, as well as raucous events in city council meetings and during Trump supporter celebrations.

Now Caplan reports that his viewership reach has been cut down because other Facebook pages are losing their own reach and influence. Caplan had agreements with other Facebook page news sites, but they have recently cut the contracts since Facebook is coming down hard on them. Add to The Gateway Pundit’s lament about Facebook throttling Jim Hoft’s potential reading traffic, you can tell that Facebook has become Fascist-Book.


Within the last 24 hours, I learned that Dinesh D’Souza’s own Facebook was compromised, scuttling his outreach as well as the sales of his new book “The Big Lie,” exposing the totalitarian tendencies of the American Progressive Movement, which infiltrated the Democratic Party leading up to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration. They also inspired the Nazis under Adolf Hitler. Of course, this very serious message accompanied that latest update from D’Souza: “I’ve been hearing of this happening to a lot of people, though most often it’s Facebook itself taking their pages down.”

Pretty heavy stuff. For decades, the Saul Alinsky approach of shaming conservatives had successfully silenced the Right. Now that we are bolder than ever to speak, the Regressive Left is working overtime to suppress freedom of speech. If not through violence or the passage of draconian anti-free speech ordinances, they can pressure or assume the leadership over these multi-media platforms and shut down dissent and discourse. Enough. The next leg of the New Right, New Tea Party fight means targeting and taking on these social media platforms. We cannot afford to lose, since we have gained so much already.

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