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For the past three months—and especially in the last two weeks, the fight to push for Trump’s agenda, especially in “Lost Cause/Blue Line” California has reached a feverish pitch. Our civilization, our Western World, Judeo-Christian culture is under attack, and I could not take time to write about it. I needed to fight it, and hard. I don’t say nice things anymore. I don’t worry about offending people. President Trump leads by example. It’s OK to be crude to make a point.


Our culture is under assault, folks. We don’t have time to be nice. The dangers are that precarious. When a kid is playing in the middle of the street, his father doesn’t make nice and beg. He grabs the kid and shrieks at him for his dangerous stupidity. “Don’t ever do that again!”

Islamic hordes are on the run in the Middle East. Why? Because our President vowed to “Bomb the hell out of ISIS!” Oh, but the President can’t use such language!” shriek the establishment pearl clutchers. It’s not nice, but it had to be said. Interestingly enough, he did not get offended, but listened to me. Yes, he can—and he’s doing his job, too. I got into a war of word with one Trump supporter over his “unpresidential rhetoric” on Twitter and in public. My answer? To quote the wildly successful Governor of Maine? “Tell ‘em to kiss my butt!”

There are barbarians at the gates. The radical Islamic world sees their chance to impose Sharia around the world. I say “No” to that. A friend of mine, a Muslim and Trump supporter, was offended when I posted this incredible debate from a UKIP leadership debate. This woman in exacting detail courageously explained for her audience that Islam is not a religion of peace. I did not apologize, but told him plainly “Islam is a cult”. I have no problem with Muslims who live peaceful lives, but I urge them to look deeply into the Koran, and they will find a mass of misconceptions and contradictions, with the final result of urging war against infidels and blind submission to Allah for all mankind.


So many church people have faulted me that such language is “unbecoming.” Do they read their Bibles? During His earthly ministry, Jesus did not mince words, calling the religious establishment “a brood of snakes and vipers.” He even shouted down one of his disciples when he told Him not to die on the Cross. Spare me the lecture about pious niceties. We as the arbiters and defenders of our civilization must not get caught up in the civility scam. Thomas Sowell said it so well: “If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.”

I am prepared to be an uncivil civilian, and I don’t care who’s offended. This strong sentiment ran through my mind when I protested Maxine Waters’ town hall in Inglewood. My favorite poster for the occasion read “Maxine Waters: Go to Hell!” Spare me the civility garbage. Not interested.

I work with American Children First to target the utility user’s tax in sanctuary cities throughout California. We won’t wait for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Cities flout federal immigration laws? They lose their revenue base. The Brown Supremacists throughout Los Angeles County are so angry since their lawless days are numbered.

Some of these Brown Supremacists have come to Torrance looking to cause trouble against me. “You play in our hood? We will play harder in yours!” Major fail! I have waited for these disruptive hatemongers to come to my city. They bring out the worst in my corrupt mayor, and therefore have made it easier to expose him and get him thrown out of office. By the way, my city became the largest yet in California to oppose Sanctuary State SB 54, the dreaded and horrific legislation which would give illegal aliens free reign to stay in my state after committing horrible crimes and taking space in our state’s prisons.


I say enough!

Yet at the same time, I got picked at and picked on by fellow warriors and even some church people. They don’t like some of the words that I use. Some of them do not like my tone. Leaders in the California Republican Party have repeatedly told me to watch the words that I say.

The illegal alien hordes have become so brazen in their arrogance. They announce in the streets that they are “Undocumented and Unafraid.” No, they are illegal aliens. Does that hurt your feelings? Good!

I was celebrating the Fourth of July in Santa Ana, California, a sanctuary city where 70% of the residents are of Hispanic descent. The skin color of the inhabitants and their children never prevented me from teaching others about our wonderful history. They made a big mistake. Those same hatemongers found that their shameful protest did not stop me. Now they run when I confront them about harassing parents and children.

Don’t be civil when people are shameful. Shame them right back! Double down! Punch back twice as hard.

And I have not reserved my bile for Democrats. Traitorous California Republicans have joined hands with this ruination. The Big Green scam is overtaking California. Instead of fighting, eight Republican legislators joined Sacramento Democrats to extend the corrupt, false, useless Cap and Trade program, the same Big Green Scam which died in Congress when Barack Obama was President and controlled both houses of Congress. It is just untenable to me how corrupt politics has become in my own state. Instead of taking it lightly, I realized that I have to declare political war on both parties.


Civility, accommodation, and playing nice with Republican and Democratic elected officials is over, especially GOP holdout-sellouts on repealing Obamacare. It’s time to take back our country. Making America great again is not about placating and pleasing everyone, but standing up for what is right, even if it means disrupting a few tea parties.

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