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On, March 19, 2017, the annual Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade will march through South Boston. However, what will not go reported is the latest assault on the First Amendment against American citizens.


How? A homosexual group finally forced its way into this very Catholic event.

“Forced” is the key word, people.

What happened? How could this happen?!

Over the past few weeks, the Allied War Veterans Council (the organizers of the annual Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade) endured vicious attacks in the Boston media from major Boston politicians and other groups to cave in and allow an LGBT group, even though such a move would violate their principles and prime convictions. Corporations also threatened to pull their financial support, too.

Sadly, it appears that this bullying worked. On Friday afternoon, March 10, Tim Duross, the main parade organizer, announced that they would welcome OUTVets into the parade.

What can we say now? The First Amendment is dead in Boston. Where’s the Luck O’ the Irish when you need it? Now the Boston liberal (forgive the repetition) establishment is crowing that their pressure, intimidation, and extortion tactics made the Veterans Council “see the light.”

Uh … No!

The parade organizers had every intention of sticking to their Shillelaghs.

The Veterans Council ultimately capitulated to the homosexual group because of widespread violence and deaths.

You read that correctly.

But what about police protection? The Boston Police Commissioner’s office warned the Council that busloads of LGBT activists from other states were planning to disrupt the parade (that means violence, folks!). The police affirmed that they could not stop the violence, and that the council would be blamed for the massive violence and death—and the Council would be held responsible for all the potential carnage!



Pro-family group MassResistance’s President Brian Camenker spoke with many of the parade organizers. They corroborated the reports of violent threats. The Veterans Council feared that people would get hurt, and felt they had no choice but to let the homosexual group in. (They had also been personally targeted with threats!)

Just as an FYI, the Supreme Court in 1996 had ruled unanimously that the Veterans Council had every right to include or exclude anyone. Of course, the uber-liberal Boston Mayor Marty Walsh forced the LGBT agenda onto the parade organizers at all costs. He even threatened pull the parade permit, then bullied city employees not to participate! Listen to Boston Marty’s profanity-laden screaming session against one of the event organizers. Nevertheless, the Veterans Council stood their ground, and they voted to deny the OUTVets group the right to march in the parade.

The media screamed and yelled, of course. Sponsors and city leaders also dropped out of the parade (including RINO Governor Charlie Baker and Mayor Walsh’s high-level staffers). The liberal establishment political machines went so far as to claim that parade organizers were anti-Veteran (funny: the organizers are called the Veterans Council—liberal insanity is a sad thing). The organizers’ attorney wrote an op-ed in their defense, and then there followed a radio segment by WRKO talk show host Jeff Kuhner.


The courage of the Veterans Council emboldened Catholic groups throughout Boston and the state of Massachusetts to participate once again! It should come as no surprise that Catholic groups adhere to Catholic teaching, which recognizes same-sex behavior as “intrinsically disorder” and thus not to be celebrated.

And yet … on March 10 (last week, such a sudden turnaround) the chief organizer announced that the LGBT group would be allowed to march in the parade “unconditionally” and at the front of the parade if the wanted to. A few leftwing Congressmen met with another group of South Boston veterans (not affiliated with the Veterans Council) and “voted” to approve the inclusion of the gay group. Right on schedule, the media refused to inform the public about the threats of widespread violence and destruction.

MassResistance leaders did everything they could to set the record straight (pun intended). On March 16, the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts and MassResistance issued a detailed press release about these threats.

Crickets from the Fake-news media.

There is a more sordid history to this capitulation, too.

The Boston Police have a history of stepping back and letting the ultra-violent LGBT lobby attack the public with impunity.

Here are a few examples:


1. Homosexual activists threw condoms on priests and jumped on cars outside of Boston’s Holy Cross Cathedral in 1990

2. The well-reported riot outside of Tremont Temple in 2005.

3. 2011 Occupy Boston movement took over downtown Boston and marched through the streets uninhibited.

4. LGBT activists marching in and terrorizing a Tea Party meeting on the Boston Common in 2012;

It looks like Saint Patrick needs to pay another visit to this earth, particularly in Boston, and cast out the serpents.

Let me be very clear about this whole wicked mess:

The Allied War Veterans Council are a fine, professional organization. They are not cowards in the slightest. They respect our country and our flag, and they never wavered from their cherished commitment to natural marriage and family values.

Only under duress from LGBT thugs and a passive, even accommodating police forced did they finally buckle—in order to protect Boston residents from the hateful, destructive, and perhaps fatal behaviors of rabid, raging homosexual activists.

This abuse of the First Amendment, especially in the cradle of the American Revolution, cannot be allowed to go unnoticed or unchallenged.

I beg all of you reading to put as much pressure as you can on the Boston Police and Mayor Marty Walsh.


On Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, we celebrate renewed control of the White House and statehouses around the country. Yet in blue states like Massachusetts, the serpents still run the show. For life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, call the Boston mayor and police department:

Demand they protect the First Amendments rights of the Veterans Council!

Mayor Marty Walsh:


Office of the Police Commissioner

(617) 343-4500

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